BSM TOP15 - The Skoda Superb


What did we say in the road test?

The road test concentrated on the powertrain more than the rest of the automobile – which is where the true Superb story lies. Excellent build quality (compared to that of Bentleys; not for nothing!), vast interiors with limousine levels of legroom got the mention though. And yes, we approved the handsome looks and thought it is a car to ‘arrive in’ rather than just land up.

Why is it better than the rest in the segment?

Because the Superb is literally a league above, thanks to the excellent Passat platform that is stretched to good measure. Mind you, this is the flagship of Skoda and they have given it all the bells, whistles and umbrellas. Okay, you get one umbrella. Quality of materials used is excellent and attention to detail gets ten out of ten. The VW parts bin has been raided, of course, but has been integrated exceptionally well. The petrol powered 1.8 Turbo is the pick of the lot, as it’s maximum value for money.

Where did we drive it?

We drove it first in and around Salzburg during the international launch. The Indian launch drive in the Himalayan foothills involved chartered aircraft and a five-star spa, but it exposed the only chink in the Superb’s armour – it is a tad too long for mountain roads. Then we kept a diesel for as long as we wanted (till Skoda literally took it away) and fell in love with how practical it is as a chauffeur-driven alternative. That long term car made us recommend the Superb over rivals such as the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.

One thing we would like to change in it

Maybe they can screen a documentary on the 100 years of Skoda – just to make those passengers alien to the history of the winged arrow more familiar with it! On a serious note – the Superb is just that. Sales and service network took time to keep up with the popularity of the car too.