BSM TOP15 - The Maruti-Suzuki Ritz


What did we say in the road test ?

Well, it made a ‘Splash’, didn’t it? The Ritz is built on the Swift’s effervescent platform and that shows in the way the car moves. The two engine options – the 1.2 K-Series and the world-famous-in-India DDiS diesel were a brilliant fit. The quality of the plastics was better than what we have seen in Maruti Suzukis before and the new textures and hues were also refreshing. Boot space was lacking and ride was firm, but that did not stop us from admiring the new-age looks of the car.

Why is it better than the rest in the segment?

As regards the purpose for what the car is best used for, the Ritz makes a perfect fit. Supportive seats and tall seating means getting stuck for hours in a traffic jam won’t tire you out. A wide, planted stance, well-loaded steering setup plus the Swift platform means a car that’s fun to drive. Add the perky diesel and petrol powerplants, and you have a good all-rounder. Though we love the 1.2 petrol, the diesel motor is particularly a winner because it is miserly yet does not lose out on the fun-to-drive aspect of the car. And it is also refined, plus the gearing does a great job of extracting power. Of course, it was our COTY 2010 as well!

Where did we drive it?

In and around Vishakhapatnam, for starters. Then we had several comparisons with other cars, which again were done in and around Mumbai and Pune. We had a long-termer for about a year, in the course of which it went everywhere. That also meant the Ritz was an able assistant for our other tests and shoots.

What do we like the most about it?

The diesel motor. No, no, the steering. Sorry, the supportive front seats. No, the handling. Maybe...

One thing we would like to change in it

The flattened rear-end treatment. While at it, how about doing something about the choppy rear end ride as well?