BSM TOP15 - The Honda Civic


What did we say in the road test?

We loved the future-proof looks and we adored the multiplex instrument console and digital readouts. Awesome indeed. And of course we loved the high rpm wail of the i-VTEC motor and its subtlety at slower speeds. The Civic, we thought, was an agile performer with a sports car brain. We loathed its ground clearance and the inability of its underpinnings to take a fast inter-city run in India without damaging the suspension setup.

Why is it better than the rest in the segment?

Just look at the car and then look at what the segment has to offer... and even you will pay through your nose to get the Civic. It was even better value when it cost a couple of lakh less and the facelift was not that necessary, thanks to the already stunning looks. It is the best car in its segment because the above mentioned good looks are supplemented by a stonking inline-four that develops 132 bhp and 17.5 kgm of torque, which can return double digit mileage if you can go easy on the accelerator.

Where did we drive it?

We have one in our long-term fleet and that means we are driving it almost every day. The launch drive was a Jaipur-New Delhi affair that could not bring out the best of the car. But BSM’s very own Civic & Geography drive saw us crisscross the country from the capital to the technology capital, Bangalore. The car, of course, didn’t miss a beat, except for the suspension setup that felt tired thanks to high speed encounters with speed breakers.

One thing we would like to change in it

Pray, Honda, why haven’t you improved the ride quality by using stiffer suspension? And yes, slightly better ground clearance will get even more prospective owners to your doorstep.