BSM TOP 15 - The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire


What did we say in the road test?

We didn’t have high regard for the Dzire when we first saw it. We thought Maruti Suzuki had sold its soul by tarnishing a great design like the Swift and adding a boot to it. We thought that the engines would feel wheezy, that space would be cramped and that it would handle like a Swift on roller skates. Then as we drove it, we realised it doesn’t feel very different from the Swift, the performance is more than sufficient and that it doesn’t feel cramped. Of course we still haven’t gotten over the looks...

Why is it better than the rest in the segment?

Put your hands up, if you haven’t considered the Dzire if your budget was around Rs 6 lakh? Well, the fact that we’d see very few of you means the Dzire has had such an effect. Over 8,000 units of the car sell every month and that’s on the back of the Maruti badge, its efficiency and amazing value for money. That tells you why it is better than everything else – the market knows best!

Where did we drive it?

We drove it first on the Delhi-Agra highway, then lived with a Dzire ZXi for nearly a year in Mumbai and drove it to Pune and back a multitude of times. It’s a car whose fibre still lingers somewhere in our body.

What do we like the most about it?

It just finds a sweet spot between efficiency, performance, space and value that we can’t get over. It’s the default Which Car? solution for anyone looking for an entry-level sedan.

One thing we would like to change in it

The bootiful boot. Do we need to say more?