BSM EXCLUSIVE! New Porsche Cayenne coming in third week of July


Zuffenhausen's latest product is going to make its Indian debut in the latter half of July. The all-new Cayenne will make its debut in India and although all five engine variants will go on sale, it is expected to be priced a little higher than the outgoing Cayenne.

On the outside, the new Cayenne has become more svelte, less boxy and less top heavy. It resembles its Cayman/Boxster and 911 brethren even more than before and looks every bit the Porsche it should. Porsche's new SUV has become larger and more spacious on the inside, while becoming nearly 200 kg lighter - more efficient in the process. The interiors are more plush and seem to draw a lot of inspiration and bits from the Panamera. Incidentally, Porsche have improved the overall space utilisation which has resulted in more legroom than before and seats that are more supportive. The second row can be moved by up to 160 mm fore an aft and even flipped forward to carry large objects.

All five engine options will be made available in India and all of them are currently open for bookings. Starting at the lower-end of the scale is a 3.6-litre V6 with 300 bhp, borrowed from the Volkswagen Group. The next V6 is a diesel with 240 bhp, which is also found on SUVs like the Audi Q7 and VW Touareg. A hybrid engine based on the V6 petrol with 380 bhp will be the first hybrid vehicle from Porsche to debut in India. Further up the range will be the Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo. The S with 400 bhp will be the most powerful naturally aspirated engine on offer while the Turbo is a direct lift from the outgoing Cayenne with an identical 500 bhp on offer. A new eight-speed tiptronic replaces the six-speed unit that helps the Cayenne become even more efficient - by as much as 20 per cent!

Prices for the new Cayenne will see an upward revision and we have the prices right here for you:

New Porsche Cayenne India prices (INR)
V6                                          6,582,000
Cayenne Diesel                       TBA
Cayenne S Hybrid                    7,546,000
Cayenne S                              7,862,000
Cayenne Turbo                        12,710,000