BS Motoring Jury Award goes to the Tata Nano


BS Motoring Jury Award 2010: Tata Nano

The Nano is a small car from a big idea. The people’s car attained immortality the moment it was unveiled at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, causing a seismic shift in the automotive world. The rest of the world’s automakers drew in their collective breaths when it was announced that Tata was going ahead with producing the car. Then they all scrambled to go into that unknown territory that Tata Motors has already bravely ventured into.

When you go beyond the Nano’s aura and cut through the hype surrounding it, you get a no-compromises car that’s very clever. It does not feel claustrophobic despite its dimensions and can accommodate four in comfort. You get all the essential bits you’d expect from a modern car, including a crash-test evaluated body shell. The 624cc two-cylinder engine is peppy and can take the car to a top speed of 100 kph.

Also, it’s surprisingly sure-footed and nothing shakes its poise. Then of course is its jaw-dropping price-tag. With the Nano, you wonder what else you would want from a car! No wonder it wins our Jury Award, the recognition a car gets for being the most significant car after the Car Of The Year.   BS Motoring Executive Car Of The Year 2010: Skoda Superb 


For a car to outclass the great Mercedes-Benz E-Class, it must be really something. It is indeed the best executive car sold in India, cutting across price segments and brand attributes. The Superb is impressive because it excels across various parameters.

The performance available from the three engine options (1.8 TSI, 2.0 TDI and the 3.6 V6 4x4) is marvellous, it is built to last a nuclear war, the ride pampers all occupants and the handling is so nimble that you forget it’s a long car. And it’s a palace on wheels on the inside too; the rear legroom is tremendous and the car comes loaded with all the creature comforts you’d expect from a car in this segment.

And needless to say, its price tag is all the more alluring. We only wish SkodaAuto India would get their after-sales and service act together, so that the Superb owner treasures the experience of living with this wonderful automobile. Never has a car been so aptly named. Congratulations, Skoda!   BS Motoring Best Value 2010: Chevrolet Cruze


The Chevrolet Cruze is evidence that General Motors India’s portfolio is getting better and better. The Cruze is a car that’s hard to criticise. It looks macho and big, would be at home be in the suburbs of Mumbai or in downtown New York.

It is powered by a stonking 2000cc diesel motor that can help it connect towns quickly and in great comfort too. And it is full of numerous feel-good features that are usually found in cars that are almost twice the price of the Cruze — keyless entry, start/stop button, cruise control, etc.

At the price GMI is asking for the Cruze, it simply overwhelms comparable offerings from competition, like the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla, the Skoda Laura and the Volkswagen Jetta in terms of the bang for the buck. Which is why the new Cruze wins our Best Value 2010 Award.   BS Motoring Import Car Of The Year 2010: BMW 7 Series

A tag like “The best car in the world” was usually associated with Mercedes-Benz S-Class models. But with the new 7, BMW has quietly appropriated that description from its arch-rival. The 7 Series Beemer is the best car money can buy in India today, bar the Rolls-Royce models (which BMW owns anyway).

Available with four engine options that simply propel this huge automobile rapidly, the flagship BMW has more things tucked in its kitty. The most outstanding ones of course are four-wheel steer that aids parking and handling, incredible performance, a staggering list of creature comforts and safety aids and plenty of high-tech bits to make even Steve Jobs happy.

The new 7 is such a car that you’d never want to step out of it, either to get to work or go home. It pampers both the driver as well as the passenger in you. Built and crafted beautifully, the BMW 7 Series is a wonderful opportunity for self-indulgence.