An oversmart solution
For the roads of our nation
A tarmac and concrete substitute...
It’s really in fashion.

Paver blocks, the municipality’s delight
For motorists, it’s nothing but a fright.

Many a pre-cast concrete block,
Beautifully they interlock
And before you know it...
Our roads really rock.

Paver blocks, the contractor’s obsession,
For motorists, it’s full tension.

Junctions, highways, the critical road
How well they take up the load!
It’s like a sidewalk for all vehicles...
By the tonnes they are sold.

Paver blocks, the labourer’s boon,
For motorists, it’s fatal soon.

Tarmac is good for grip
Concrete is on a long-lasting trip
But can anything come close...
To this humble road brick?

So is it all hunky-dory?
Wait, here’s the rest of the story -

Grippy, smooth, safe and pleasant
These are something the paver block isn’t.

One comes out, the others follow
As expected, we’re left with a hollow.

It’s quick to fit, also quick to remove
An endless cycle; let’s break it somehow.

They are simply not meant for vehicles
Great for pedestrians, good for cycles

Not the roads, but the pavement
There’s where they are meant.

Where are the sidewalks anyway?
So to the roads they find their way

Paver blocks, stupid third-world remedy
The world dies laughing; it’s a comedy.