BREAKING! Hero MotoCorp ties up with Erik Buell Racing, USA



No one saw this one coming! Hero MotoCorp announced their alliance with Erik Buell Racing, USA today for sourcing technology and design know-how for future products. Erik Buell Racing was founded in 2009 by owner Erik Buell after his erstwhile company Buell Motorcycles was shut down by parent company Harley-Davidson. Eric Buell is a well-respected figure in the industry and is a designer, racer, engineer and company chairman all rolled into one.

"As part of the partnership, (Hero) will receive support in terms of cutting-edge technology and design to develop future models from EBR," the company said in a statement. After their split with Honda, Hero Moto Corp has been scouting for a technology partner and has finally found EBR as a good match. Erik Buell, founder of Buell Motorcycles and Erik Buell Racing, has a very unique vision when it comes to creating motorcycles and his innovation has always been a key factor in producing fast, agile motorcycles using Harley-Davidson V-Twins as a power source.

Eric Buell Racing currently has a cutting-edge, low-volume motorcycle called the 1190RS in production and it’s quite a fantastic motorcycle used primarily for racing, an evolution of the former Buell 1125R. Hero says that they won’t be launching a big-displacement bike right away and that the sourced know-how will first be deployed onto bikes with smaller cubic capacities. Buell’s website already lists three new upcoming motorcycles – the RX, SX and the AX.

Erik Buell pioneered many of the design and engineering techniques used in the motorcycle world today. His Buell Motorcycles line-up pioneered underslung exhausts that saved space mounted under the engine, a frame that carries fuel, rim-mounted disc brakes and a swingarm that holds the engine oil. A motorcyclist at heart, we trust that Erik Buell’s knowhow will lead to some awesome motorcycles in the near future. The first product is expected in the market by 2013.