Brack on Top


Kenny Brack, a former Indy 500 champion, blitzed his way to a X-Games Gold medal in his insane 800-hp Pikes Peak Ford Fiesta, thrashing very famous and very talented drivers like Travis Prastrana, Tanner Foust and Ken “Gymkhana” Block.   It’s the same Fiesta that Marcus Gronholm was fighting at Pikes Peak a fortnight ago and despite being portly compared to the opposition, the Fiesta came out on top, after a showdown with Double-backflippin’ Travis Prastrana.   Youtube hit Ken Block was out in the quarter finals while Tanner Foust took bronze. The X-Games event was a usual mix of dust storms, massive whistling turbos, screaming fans downing huge amounts of Red Bull and proper aerial action from the cars. Gnarly!