BMW diesel engine turns 30 years Old

30 years back, BMW presented its world first diesel powered car, 524td sedan for the buyers. The diesel version of the vehicles were regarded as the noisy and more suited to the commercial vehicles like trucks than sporty sedans, but the regular price hike and oil crisis forced the German auto maker to add one diesel engine to its 5-Series. The BMW had done enough to convince people about its first diesel car performance, and as time passed it added good fuel economy, long service life to the vehicles along with the typical BMW's sporty feel.

BMW 524td

The BMW engineers opted for a straight six power unit, boosted by a turbocharger. The 2.4-litre engine is capable of developing 113bhp of top power and 210Nm of top torque, which was considerably high for a diesel engine in 1983.

This engine first powered the 524td, which was shown for the first time at the 1983 Frankfurt Auto Show. The BMW 524td was the fastest diesel production car of its time, accelerating to 100kmph in just over 12 seconds, and attains a top speed of 180kmpl. The vehicle claimed to offer a fuel efficiency of 14kmpl. Since then we have witnessed many advancements in diesel engines, and 5-Series continuously ruling the market.  

Image Courtesy : autoviva

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