BMW and Toyota ink deal


We’re pretty sure BMW's been stalking Toyota. Keenly observing what a good job they've done with the GT 86. Maybe they've been talking to people over at Subaru too (the GT 86 being a collaboration between the 2 companies), about how Toyota behave themselves and do such a wonderful job at whatever they touch. The response must have been pretty positive, because just yesterday, the industries most respected and most profitable brands inked a deal underlining a number of projects to work on.

The most exciting of the lot is the decision to jointly develop a sports car. Okay, we know Toyota, on the whole makes pretty bland cars. But look at it this way, they've had 2 shots at making a sports car (with the Lexus LFA and the GT86) and they've both been marvels of engineering. And now imagine them teaming up with the Bavarians who have one of the most insane in house tuning divisions. Mouth watering, isn't it?



A couple of other areas have also been earmarked. The 2 groups will be working on fuel cell development, powertrain electrification and lightweight technology - all of which sounds delicious.

There's been no official word on what exactly the nature of the sports car would be or what the extent of the partnership is. So keep watching this space for more!