Blow a new life into your old car economically

Buying a used car has its own advantages and disadvantages. The buying cost is significantly less and you will get more car for the same money in a used car than a new car. There are also letdowns in the form of wear and tear, dated styling etc. but this can be changed with a nick here and a tuck there. If you can get a great deal in buying a used car, you can spend a little more and can feel happy about it. Here are some ways to get your car updated on the styling and features that will save you considerable time and money and also to quench your inner ego.

Blow a new life into your old car economically

We will start from the outside. What makes an old car looks like one? The dull paint, scratched body and worn out tyres. You can take it to one of those car spas and get your car waxed and polished for anywhere between Rs.2000 and Rs.10,000 depending on the amount of work and the quality. Or you can do the waxing and polishing by yourself and save money. But don’t expect the same kind of finish. It’s better to leave it to the experts.

You can also consider changing the body colour to add more glamour and some years to the life of the car. While there are several places where you can get the job done, ensure the credibility of the place. If not, you will be expecting a Volvo Racing Blue finish and end up getting a badly painted Smurf-ride.

Alloy wheels are the fastest way to get attention and a good set of wheels can cost you anything between Rs.5000 and Rs.18000 depending on the brand and quality. But, be sure in getting the right finish of alloys that compliment the body paint of your car. While dark and matte finish alloy wheels go great with bright coloured cars, light and shiny is the way to go for dark painted rides.

While the changes to the outside are mostly for others to see, the interiors are for your comfort. Changing the greased and torn seat upholstery brings an immediate transformation to the place where you spend most of your time in a car. While leather seat covers feel more comfortable, park it for a couple of hours in the sun and you are sure to get seat-roasted. Choose light coloured fabric covers and they are sure to turn dark brown and then black soon. Leather or fabric, choose the seat covers wisely. Again, depending on the quality of the work and materials, the seat covers can cost you between Rs.6000 and Rs.11000.

You can also update your in-car entertainment system but that requires a separate page for itself. We will cover them in detail soon. These are some of the easiest ways to bring your old car up to date. So, with a small piece of your savings and a bigger heart, you can change your old looking car in to a spanking new ride. See you soon.


Source : CarDekho