Biker heaven



Finally, here's the real deal. A calendar week (wish it was a month, but now I'm just being greedy) dedicated to motorcycles that culminates with a weekend filled with events only motorcyclists would appreciate. Sure, the brilliant Rider Mania existed, and thankfully continues to, but is limited to RE riders alone. The Indian Bike Week, however, is different.

IBW promises to be an event that every motorcyclist worth his leathers and calluses on his palms ought to mark out on his calendar. Apart from the great ride to Goa (the venue for IBW), the custom bike build off, the vintage motorcycle concours and the auto jumble should be worthy of a visit. Oh, and the folk at IBW add that copious amounts of matured fluids and good food will abound. But no riding after, okay!

Why is this such a big deal? Well, if you're asking that question, you obviously don't know what the Sturgis rallies and the like are all about. This is the opportunity for avid motorcyclists to meet more of their kind, to swap stories of near misses and tell little white lies about how they got their knees down on a desolate mountain road.

I'm all for events such as this. We've got a whole load of motorcyclists who need just a tiny reason to swap their business suits for leather jackets, and ride down to a place where they will be welcome and the people get their drift.

So this is the time you have before the ride to get your motorcycle up and running for the trip of the year. Check your helmet and riding kit and make sure your pillion has a fat bottom to make it to IBW without complaint. Better still, ditch the rear seat - solo is the best way to go.

Of course, I too will be heading down to the little coastal state that welcomes everybody. I'm in the process of tweaking my Enfield a bit to stand out from the crowd, but hopefully, my painter gets his act together and stops bunking work under the pretext of attending some funeral or the other. He's killed off relatives at an alarming rate in the past, and I doubt his family is really that large. But I won't diverge. 

Before you head out, make sure you get yourselves a pass. The shindig ends on the 3rd of February so you don't have much time. Log on to for more details. See you in Goa, then!