Bike taxi services comes to a halt in Bengaluru

According to transport department officials, the cab aggregators have to first register with the regional transport authority (RTA). Besides, the government should make provisions under the law before permitting operation of bike taxis.

The bike taxis cannot run with white boards, which is unlawful. Operating a non-transport vehicle as commercial vehicle invites a penalty of Rs 5,000, officials added.

The transport department officials have seized a couple of bike taxis that were operating in the city despite terming it unlawful after the same was launched by Uber and Ola last week. The department has also urged the general public not to use these bike taxis, which can be booked through apps, till the aggregators register with the RTA.

The motor vehicles department, which is currently silent on the issue, should come up with a set of rules to govern the bike taxis. Goa overcome this problem long ago and has allowed their operation.