Bengaluru's Fiat Caffe attracts the youth

Bengalurus Fiat Caffe is the first privately owned one, else the ones in Delhi and Pune were owned by the Italian manufacturer. The Fiat Caffe are the companys flagship dealership that has a coffee shop along with the cars that are display. However, Adit Morzazia from Bengaluru had a different idea. He started a Fiat Caffe in Bengaluru along with his existing Fiat dealership, but this place served finger food and alcohol.

Fiat Caffe BAngalore

On speaking to Adit, he told, Fiat Caffe is a brand outlet to show the commitment Fiat has towards the Indian market. Kept in line with the international standards it is a performance venue with liquor and food. Events like live band , stand up comedy , DJ nights etc. to connect with the consumers and to showcase/strengthen the brand image. Not from a sales point of view alone it is a fun place to just hang out with friends and enjoy also.

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Adits Fiat dealership is called as K.H.T. Fiat and it is located on Whitefield in Bengaluru. This is one of the highest selling Fiat dealers across the country, and holds very strong reputation for the service that this dealership offers. On every Friday, there are happy hours from 11am to 10pm, which are known as Fiat Fridays. Over the weekend is when there is a live performance, be it DJ or stand-up comedy, or other forms of entertainment. Possibly this could be one way by which Fiat brand could re-connect with its audience. Fiat has a major fan following in the country, however the Italian hasnt been able to capitalise on this.

Fiat Caffe Bangalore DJ

Source : MotorOctane