Bajaj XCD 135 vs TVS Flame - Fire em up


This could have been a twin twinspark shootout. But Bajaj suing TVS did not help. Anyway, the new XCD 135 is quite nice to look at, but the Flame looks hotter. The XCD does have all the kit required to woo the commuter crowd and so does the Flame. Both bikes feature digital speedos, analogue tachometers, black alloy wheels, and nifty paint schemes. The XCD gets an LED tail light, while the Flame counters this by providing a lockable cubby hole in the fuel tank to store little odds and ends. The Flame has a strange seating position, with low handlebars and footrests that keep your lower body upright. The Bajaj's ergonomics are better for sure. Engine-wise, the Bajaj is more refined and also gets a fifth cog, while the Flame makes do with a four-speeder. In the handling department, there is nothing between the two, both exhibiting good road manners. Both bikes also come with worthwhile front disc options. Among these two, the XCD is the one to go for.