Bajaj will launch four Pulsars in the next four months - SCOOP

In a statement by Bajaj, the company had announced it would be launching six products in the first six months of 2015. The company has already launched the Platina ES and the CT 100, and now the next set of launches include four new Pulsars. Bajaj has already revived the Discover brand and discontinued the 100cc Discover bike, now it is working on the Pulsar brand. One of our reader Deepti has shared the

Bajaj will be introducing four new Pulsars, 150 NS, AS 200, SS 200 and SS 400. These are the four new bikes that will be added to the Pulsar portfolio. The currently sold Pulsar 200 NS is a major seller in the Pulsar brand and to add on to this, the AS 200 (Adventure Sport) and SS 200 will be introduced. Bajaj will also be getting its first 400cc bike, the SS 400, which will become the brand's new flagship bike. SS stands for Super Sports. This way, Bajaj will have three types of bikes, NS, AS and SS for different kind of buyers. The Pulsar 220 is likely to be replaced by Pulsar AS 200.


We spotted the Pulsar AS 200, which has telescopic front suspension and mono-shock at the rear. Bajaj has been working on its fuel-injection technology, which will be seen on the new Pulsars. The instrument cluster is the same as the Pulsar 200 NS and even the exhaust note wasn't as grunty as the KTMs on the AS 200. Our sources mention that all the issues with the previous-generation fuel-injection systems on the Pulsar have been worked upon and Bajaj will be introducing a new fuel-injection technology on the Pulsar 400, if not the 200 ranges of bikes.


The Pulsar AS 200 and SS 200 will cost about Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,000 more than the Pulsar 200 NS, while the Pulsar SS 400 will be priced at about Rs 2 lakhs (on-road). The Pulsar 150 NS might just replace the currently sold Pulsar 150 and this will cost an extra Rs 1,500 on the existing Pulsar 150.


Source : MotorOctane