Bajaj Discover 150 v/s Yamaha SZR


Bajaj Discover 150

1. The 144.8cc, 12.8 bhp, four-stroke motor is exceptionally frugal. Not the most exciting of the bunch in the performance aspect though.

2. The ride quality of the Discover 150 is more than just adequate, soaking up the bumps and potholes with stuning alacrity.

3. The build quality of the Discover gives away the fact that this motorcycle is built to a price.

4. Styling comes off as quite dated

5. The Discover 150 could be a much better handler than it is, had it been shod with grippier tyres.

6. Price, ex-showroom, Mumbai - Rs 50,456

Yamaha SZR

1. Although this motor displaces 153cc, it produces only 11.9 horses - the result of a retune of the FZ engine for better fuel consumption for the commuter segment.

2. Ride quality is at par with the Discover but the Bajaj feels lighter and more nimble than the Yamaha.

3. Build quality has never been an issue with Yamahas and this one is no exception, although certain bits could have been better.

4. Although the styling is not exactly conservative, the SZR is pleasing to the eye. But it's about time the trend of those hideous plastic tank extentions comes to an end. And now!

5. The tyres of the SZ R are adequate and do the job. Push them hard and they'll give up, though.

6. Price, ex-showroom, Mumbai - Rs 58,663