Bajaj Auto slams Global NCAP

Rajiv Bajaj, the managing director of Bajaj Auto has slammed Global NCAP stating that its stand on vehicle safety is beyond his "limited comprehension".

It may be recalled that Global NCAP, a UK-based entity that aims to support the development of new consumer crash test programmes in emerging markets,  had given one-star rating for quadricycles to Bajaj Qute, stating that the vehicle does not perform well and there is a "likelihood of severe or fatal head and chest injuries.”

This latest statement from Bajaj has added a fresh salvo to the spat between the two over crash test result of Qute .

Bajaj, who was invited to be a speaker at an automobile safety conference at Faridabad in which Global NCAP was one of the organisers, said it amused him no end that while the UK-based outfit had apparent misgivings about quadricycles with respect to safety, Qute was called 'a global example and a vehicle of the future' in the invitation to the event.

The other organisers of the conference were the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE). Writing on behalf of the organisers, IRTE President Rohit Baluja said: "The Bajaj Quadricycle to me appears to be the vehicle of the future," and the company has been able to successfully "demonstrate this global example".

Bajaj, who had a war of words last month with Global NCAP Secretary General David Ward over Qute crash tests results, ridiculed the vehicle safety agency.

“I hear Global NCAP implying that those who walk, cycle, ride, or use a 3-wheeler must not seek a safer alternative in quadricycles,” said Bajaj. “They must continue as they are until they can afford a high emission, low mileage, congestion causing car instead."