Bafna Motors to be Mumbai Lambo dealer


BS MOTORING EXCLUSIVE! Bafna Motors, better known as the Mumbai dealers of Harley-Davidson and Tata Motors will now be the Mumbai dealer for Lamborghini as well. The Sant Agata based supercar company has appointed Bafna and the showroom is expected to open by the end of the year.

Lamborghini so far has been represented by a single dealer, Exclusive Motors based out of New Delhi which has been responsible for the sale and service of cars in the country. However, given the huge push by other supercar manufacturers into the country, Lamborghini has thought it to be prudent to enlist the services of a second dealer and Bafna will thus fill into that slot.

For many years Lamborghini has averaged sales in the range of 12-20 cars in India, most of them being V10 powered Gallardos and their iterations with a sprinkling of Murcielagos. Limited edition models like Superleggeras have also sold in low numbers, with Cannonball Club, a supercar club based in New Delhi boasting of the only LP670-4 SV and Balboni 550-2 in the country. Incidentally BS Motoring is the Official Media Partner of Cannonball Club.

But the biggest news is the Aventador. According to sources speaking exclusively to BS Motoring, over 11 of the 700 bhp, V12 supercars have been sold in the country, two of those destined for Mumbai. The Aventador that was shown at the recent Geneva Motor Show replaces the Murcielago and is already sold out for the first year globally.

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