Automotive Mission Plan 2026 calls for scientific and transparent study of air pollution

The Automotive Mission Plan 2016-2026 (AMP 2026), which is the collective vision of the Indian government and the Indian automotive industry, has said that one of the most critical policy pronouncements impacting the sector relates to auto fuels and emission norms.

“There is a general perception that the bulk of the atmospheric pollution in many Indian cities today is contributed by automobiles, which does not appear to be borne out by facts,” notes the study. “In some cases, legislation and policies impacting the automotive industry are announced in response to judicial decisions which arise due to efforts made by one or more interest groups in society.”

Such policy formulation imposes an unreasonably heavy burden on several stakeholders in the automotive industry, but does not deliver the intended benefits, added the report.

AMP 2026 has advocated the need for a scientific and transparently conducted study of air pollution in Indian cities. It also proposes the introduction of emission standards, as in the developed world, to be implemented all over the country in a transparent and coordinated manner, allowing all stakeholders to make the necessary adjustments required and to ensure harmonious implementation.