Auto Expo 2012 - Volkswagen getting into the used car game


Volkswagen is a relatively new entrant into our market and in that short period of time, they’ve managed to make quite an impact.

With over 100 dealerships in place and more on the way, they aren’t planning on stopping that any time soon. They’ve managed to increase sales figures by 140% and this year they plan on taking that to a different level altogether.



In addition to new car dealerships, they are also going to start selling pre-owned cars through a new veture, called Das WeltAuto. This new business focuses on increasing the re-sale values and the popularity of their model line-up. While VW offers 7 models in India, this initiative concentrates mainly on the Polo and Vento, their most popular models.

This program will commence in the next couple of months and once underway should provide used car buyers with a one-stop, hassle-free experience.