Auto Expo 2012 - Mercedes-Benz brings more than just cars!


To kick off this new year, Mercedes-Benz is starting a few initiatives under the banner “mb. Feel it!” They’ve had a good year last time around but that doesn’t mean they are taking it easy this time around. In order to promote growth and sales in the luxury segment, they are planning on starting a few initiatives to rally some more interest in the brand.

First of these programs will be their stall at Auto Expo, the largest showing by a luxury manufacturer, which will have no less than 17 of Mercedes’ models. One of those 17 models is the S600 Pullman, the armoured version of the S-class used by leaders of the world, being shown to the Indian masses for the first time ever. They’re also bringing what they call ‘Concept A’ which is an insight into future Mercedes-Benz styling. Another major attraction at the Mercedes stall are the fuel cell powered cars whose only emission is water.



For those of you interested in driving a Mercedes but are scared of actually owning one, Mercedes-Benz launches its Star Drive leasing program! With that, you will get to drive a Mercedes around without worrying about maintenance costs, out-of-warranty repairs or resale values.

Then there is the  AMG Performance Driving Academy which will be inaugurated on the 4th of January at the Buddh International Circuit. Mercedes cars with insane engines and capable instructors around an F1 track! There’s some exciting times ahead indeed with Mercedes!