Audi unveils the new A8 and S8 on YouTube

Audi has unveiled the new A8 and the S8 on their YouTube channel. The company has been teasing the A8 and S8 on YouTube, but the company has finally unveiled the new sedans before their global launch at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

 Audi A8

The new A8 had made its way into India in 2011, and we can soon expect this revised version to land on our shores. The new A8’s headlamps have 25 high-beam LEDs and a possibility of 1 billion different distribution of light depending on the road conditions and the oncoming traffic. The front of the car has a camera that recognises the car in front and adjusts the light beam, and even the light control is connected to the GPS so it already adjusts the headlamp as per the upcoming turns.

The W12 engine works on the cylinder on demand technology, which means lesser engines fire when you are cruising on the highway.  Even the boot size has been increased by 10 litres to make it a 520 litre. The new A8’s rear has some more chrome garnish and revised tail lamp styling too.

Source : CarDekho - Audi A8 - Audi unveils the new A8 and S8 on YouTube