Audi to mostly name its new crossovers as Q1 and TTQ

Audi has got the green light to make the TT crossover concept that it had showcased last year at the Beijing Motor Show. However, due to the tiff between Volkswagen and the Fiat Group boss, Audi will not get the Q2 and Q4 badges and the Ingolstadt-based auto manufacturer has decided to call its new TT crossover as the TTQ rather the Q4. At the moment, the Q4 badge is being used by Maserati for its Quattroporte and Ghibli four-wheel-drive variants.
audi-tt-concepts The Audi TT is only available as a coupe and convertible but now it will be even available with a crossover body style. The new Audi TTQ will share similar dimensions to the Q3, once it will be launched in 2017. However, it will stand far apart from its more practical counterpart, which isn't the case with the BMW X4, as it is based on the X3 platform.
Audi Q1   Audi has estimated that its sales will grow from the current 25 percent to 30 percent by the end of this decade. Audi has been introducing several new SUVs to have more variants and overtake ahead of BMW as the largest luxury car maker by the end of this decade. Audi start building its new Q1 (the earlier to be named as Q2) in 2016 in its Ingolstadt factory and will be launche din Europe by mid-2016. The Q1 is based on the MQB platform like the A3. As Audi couldn't get the Q2 badge from Fiat Chrysler. The Q1 will be a few millimetres taller than the A3 and will be sold as a front-wheel or all-wheel drive version. audi-tt-concepts-05

Source : MotorOctane