Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW is the order of sales in 2014

Audi has retained the number 1 spot in Indian luxury car sales, as BMW has just announced its sales number of 6,812 units. Mercedes-Benz and Audi have crossed 10,000 units this year, with Audi being ahead by 600 units. This year, Audi will be launching 10 new products in India, while Mercedes-Benz shall be launching 15 products. Globally, BMW is the number 1 brand, followed by Audi and then Mercedes-Benz.

BMW will also be getting in several of its new cars and SUVs, beginning the year with the BMW i8, followed by more launches as the year progresses. BMW owns two more brands in India, Rolls-Royce and Mini. The Mini brand got in the latest-generation of Mini Cooper and for the first-time a five-door Mini Cooper was also launched. Volvo has sold about 1202 units this year, while Jaguar Land Rover is still to reveal its numbers.

Volvo will be looking at introducing the new XC90 in India by the second half of 2015. We believe the British marquee would have seen an increase of about 15-20% last year. This year, Jaguar too will be introducing its new entry-level sedan XE in India, which will reduce its entry-level pricing and boost its current volume. Land Rover will also be getting the new Discovery Sport, an all-new product that will be soon launched globally.
Audi launched the R8 LMX and Mercedes-Benz will introducing the CLA-Class on the 22nd of January. This will be its new entry-level sedan and this will again help the German manufacturer to boost its current sales. The luxury car market is India is due to grow and we see a lot brands entering this market. This week, even Ferrari announced its return back into the Indian sub-continent.

Source : MotorOctane