Alan Mulally could move from Ford to Microsoft

Alan Mulally, the man who played a major role in saving Ford in 2008 from filing bankruptcy, has been in news for a while for his switch to Microsoft. Ford was going through a bad financial phase when Alan Mulally had joined the American auto giant in the early 2008.

Ford EcoSport

Before this, Alan was heading Boeing, where he worked for 37 years and also had begun his career as an engineer. Alan Mulally was one of the key decision makers to sell Ford’s PAG (Premium Automotive Group) that consists of Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Volvo. This helped Ford to come out of bankruptcy and he was the man, who began the One Ford campaign, which resulted in developing common platforms for global markets. The Ford Fiesta and the Ford Ecosport are two of the products that are a result of this project.

Alan was present at the last Delhi Auto Expo, when the Ford Ecosport was unveiled to the world. After one and a half years, the compact SUV was launched in India and Ford will make the Indian sub-continent as the export hub for the Ecosport. This is one reason, why the company had increased the localisation to 85%, making it a lot more affordable than the currently sold compact SUVs in India. 

Now, Ford is back in profit and self-sustainable and the company never took any help from the US government, like General Motors and Chrysler. Alan Mulally, has no prior tech background, however the chances of him moving to Microsoft are high as Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft is about to retire.Except for the fact that Ford has already been using Microsoft's SYNC technology in its vehicles, but thats about it. We aren’t sure of who will replace Alan in Ford, and it is just a mater of time before we come to know about it.

Source : CarDekho - Ford Ecosport - Alan Mulally could move from Ford to Microsoft