Air Supply


Yes, it’s that time of the year now – the time to head up to the hills to soak in as much of the pure pleasure of living as you can cram into those 20 days (or so) of bittersweet riding. Convince your boss for more days than that and I will personally put up Photoshop-heavy flex hoardings of you all across the city. For people with no time restrictions whatsoever, I envy you and basically, don’t like you. At all. Just to be clear, it’s not exactly that time of the year yet, but the time to plan for that time of the year. For some people, it’s hard to relate to the pure bliss of the Himalayas, in the same way that Lady Gaga is to my Nepali watchman. He thinks her ‘glasses look funny’. That said, for me, it’s like stocking up on my supply of pure <i>joie de vivre<i> for the rest of the year. While I am certainly not implying that the rest of the year is going to be humdrum - it is quite on the contrary in fact - there’s something to this mountain riding business that gets your heart flying like few things can. I might have been there just once, but have literally dreamt of being there for years on end, sometimes obsessively so. So, it’s on the menu this year but the POA (plan of action) is yet to be chalked out – it’s all just various electrical pulses at the moment. Ride down the not-so-interesting route up to Delhi, then ride up to the hills, wasting a few days in the process or hire a shady-looking beat up motorcycle from a shadier-looking dude in Delhi or Manali or maybe even fly down somewhere and then start off from there. Hiking up a few places or cycling through some parts is also being considered but various indicators such as the weighing scale etc. tell me that it sure would not be a walk in the park anymore. But enough about me already, what’s your plan for the motorcycling season? Gunnin’ it alone or bunching up together? What’s the route? The weapon of choice? Tell me all about it!