Abarth Punto EVO Vs VW Polo GT TSI

The Polo GT TSI is considered as the only hot hatch available for the Indian enthusiasts looking for performance. With its cutting edge German technology and quality, it is very much acknowledged. It is considered as the balanced blend of both performance and comfort, but the basic point of a hot hatch is not supposed to be balanced, but to thrill you. Something that makes you grin every time you floor the accelerator pedal, while you drive it to your office.

Hot hatch is something mad, controllable, yet not controllable, such as Abarth Punto EVO that Fiat recently showcased at the launch of Abarth 595 Competizione. Here is some Italian rage falling upon on what is considered as India’s only hot hatch, the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI. So, lets see whether Polo GT TSI is able to maintain its dominance, as the attributes of Abarth seems to take that away. Who wins the look War?

When considering the exterior, one can’t notice the difference between a normal Polo and the GT TSI until you are its serious follower or a car nut or until you spot that GT badging. On the other hand, Abarth Punto EVO flaunts plenty of dash to attract one's attention, like the Abarth insignia on the logo and on the bonnet and tailgate. The sporty decals with Abarth lettering, the unusual diamond cut alloy wheels with a scorpion sitting in the center, red/orange toning on the ORVM. Moreover, the same color will be garnishing the grill, front and rear bumpers. Apart from this, there is that burble from the exhaust to give aural pleasure, absent in the GT TSI. Also Read: Abarth 595 Competizione vs Mini Cooper S

Insides of the Abarth are basic Fiat traits with the same seats and interiors, but all black. Though, on the differentiation note, it gets aluminum racing pedals, yellow and red stitching on seats, yellow accents in the instrumentation cluster and again the scorpion on the steering. Now, as the interiors are borrowed from the standard Punto, quality might be an issue when compared to the benchmark of Polo. But, that to could be washed with the push of a simple flick to the throttle. Hooligan!

Abarth Punto EVO is powered by the 1.4 T-Jet motor unleashed to produce 145 bhp of raw power and an expected torque over 200 Nm. And transmission of these figures will done through a 5-speed manual gearbox. This equates to heck lot of burnouts and tyre screeches, all day round. And as we were not able to spot any Electronic Stability Control switch in the car, we heavily doubt that there is anything to stop the car from sliding.

On the other side, the GT TSI is a refined car to a great extent, sure it is fast as 0-100 comes under 10 seconds, but lacks that rough edge of a hot hatch. Also, with the advanced 7 speed automatic, the Polo tops at 190 kmph whereas Punto could go a whisker over the rather dreamy 200 kmph. Before this, a naught to 100 kmph could possibly be done in below 9 seconds.


We know how much the GT TSI costs and Fiat has indicated that the Abarth Punto EVO is coming in as an affordable product. And by affordable, it meant a performance car for the masses which could undercut the 10 lac rupees mark. If this happens, this will be India’s first ever hot hatch, because we are talking numbers here, 145 to be precise at the disposal of your right foot.

PS: I believe a lot us are pining for this hot Italian chick, including me, but we will have to wait till Diwali for its launch. And I will suggest you to refrain from buying ordinary fire-crackers, go and buy yourself an Abarth-cracker.

Source : Abarth Punto EVO Vs VW Polo GT TSI