No. 8 -> The Bajaj Pulsar 200/220
They might not be the most refined on the block but if its bang-for-the-buck you're looking for, few come close to this one. A long time stunter favourite in India, it has sufficient grunt, good looks and a price tag that’s hard to argue with.

Review said - ‘The P220 is one of the fastest Indians, overall quality is decent but could have been better and of course, the looks are as uninspiring as your old girlfriend/boyfriend. Nonetheless, I still think it's the best-looking Pulsar ever made.’

Bajaj Pulsar 220 & Yamaha FZ16 - Fight Club

Fastest Indian - Pulsar 220 vs RD-350

Hero Honda Karizma vs Bajaj Pulsar 220 - The big huns

No.7 -> The Honda Twister
We were the first ones to scoop Honda’s little one – the 110cc Twister – and from the first sneak-peek to living with it, it’s everything we wished it would be. Its fun, frugal, feels like a BMX of the motorcycle world and fantastic Honda build quality is a given. We liked this little path-breaking bike so much that we awarded it BSM’s Motorcycle of the Year 2011. Now that’s something you don’t get easily!

Review said - ‘This is the ultimate college-going fuel-sipper and if we were looking for a stylish economical commuter, we would be heading to a Honda showroom right about now.’

Present Tens - Honda Twister vs Yamaha YBR110 vs TVS Jive

BS Motoring Car and Bike of the Year 2011

Honda CB Twister - First Impressions

No 6 ->
The TVS Apache RTR180
Another contender with a healthy bang-for-the-buck rating is TVS’s biggest motorcycle. The motor has loads of grunt, gets better rubber than the previous 160s, handles very well if a little too aggressive for beginners and the equipment list is sweet. We rather like this motorcycle!

Review said - ‘But there's no way you will regret plonking your money on for the TVS, because it's a pretty good motorcycle’

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS - No Slip-ups

TVS likely to foray into above 200 cc bike segment


TVS Apache RTR 180 - Little more, much better

Review said - ‘But all said and done, when you get off the Hunk, you cannot help but like it. It has enough of the feisty CBZX in it to keep things interesting, and at the same time, it looks a million bucks better.’

Hero Honda Hunk

No 4 ->
Yamaha R15
The Indian racer’s favourite and possibly still the best handling motorcycle in the country. BSM loves the nimble yet confident chassis, the sub-5 second run to 60 kph and the baby-R1 looks.

Review said - ‘The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a landmark in our history. Yes, I am going to compare it to the RD350, because I do think that the RD350 has, finally, been succeeded. Not superseded, but succeeded. Where the RD350 thrilled us with its abundant power and character, the R15 has that charm, and a level of all-round ability that we have never seen before’

Yamaha R1 and R15 - R and R

Yamaha R15 - The Daddy Returns -

Review said - ‘Substantial cycle parts, a strong motor and a stylish appearance make this an extremely appealing motorcycle for India. The clincher? Read ‘10’.’


Five exciting new motorcycles that you shouldn't miss!

Honda CBR250R - A quarter full of spirit!


Review said - ‘It raises the bar for performance motorcycling in India by a substantial amount without even trying. After all, it's not for nothing that the Ninja 250R is the largest-selling 250 in the world. Many have learnt their sportsbike basics on this little Kwacker and even after buying a ZX-14R, there's a good chance that they've kept their baby Ninja.’

Kawasaki Ninja 250 R vs Ford Fiesta S - Colours of Speed

Kawasaki Ninja 250R - Quarterback Ninja!

BS Motoring Bike Of The Year 2010: Kawasaki Ninja 250R


Review said - ‘At Rs 1,31,527, ex-showroom, Mumbai, the Classic 500 is fantastic value for money, given its Ninja 250-rivalling performance and exclusive appeal. What's more unbelievable is that I got 29.6 kpl in spite of not taking it easy even for a second! Brilliant!’

Sweet 17 - Royal Enfield's Tour of NH17

Royal Enfield Classic 500 - The Thump is Back!