6 Things You Need To know About the Maruti S Cross

Following into the footsteps laid down by the SX4, Suzuki is all set to bring-in an international product to match the needs of an Indian consumer. The Suzuki S Cross is being brought to India after having received immense success globally. One might say that the Suzuki S Cross shares slight similarities with the discontinued SX4, this is because the new crossover is based on the discontinued SX-4 platform and was also available in many international markets, as the “SX4 S Cross”. SX4 did not find success in the Indian market and that is the reason behind Maruti shedding the term from S Cross' name. As the S Cross is based on the SX4, which was always revered for its impressive ground clearance, the new car shows a lot of promise as a crossover vehicle.

1. The Grunt

From the pictures of the Maruti S Cross, we can see that the car will feature a very desirable 1.6 litre diesel engine. This particular diesel engine will be sourced from Fiat and will be a part of Fiat’s multijet diesel engine family. The same engine powers the S cross in European markets. The car will put out 118bhp @ 3750rpm and 320Nm of torque @ 1750rpm. The impressive power-plant has been incorporated in the S Cross so that it may hold its own against the highly successful compact SUV’s that are already available in the Indian market.

2.The Variants

The car will also get other engine options. The 1.4-litre 92bhp petrol motor and the 1.3-litre 90bhp diesel, which power other models of Suzuki like- the Ciaz, will also find their application in the new S Cross . This move had been made to move more inventory, as these power-plants have been highly successful with other Suzuki models. These perks do come at a cost though, the crossover now weighs about 200kgs more than the Ciaz because it still utilizes an older and heavier platform. The 1.6 liter diesel variant in particular, weighs at 1305 kgs. This increase in kerb weight will affect the power-to-weight ratio and eventually the performance of the car.  

3. The Configuration

There have been rumors that Suzuki was developing an AWD system that may rival that of Renault’s. The car has been available in the international market with an AWD option and so it is highly likely that the same variant may make its way to us. India is one of the most vital markets for Suzuki and so the car might be fine-tuned to match the standards set by its competition. Introduction of the AWD variant during the launch is not certain the company will only introduce more variants once the product has settled in.

4. Bells and Whistles

If the gadgets of Ciaz were any indication, then Suzuki will make sure that it matches, if not supersedes its competition in terms of equipment. We expect features like: touchscreen multimedia and navigation system, rear parking camera, automatic climate control, leather seats and engine start/stop button to make their way in the new Maruti S-Cross.

5. The Parameters

S Cross features a low ratio transfer case, this means that even with the incorporation of the AWD system, the car will not be able to tackle all terrains. The car like its competitor, Renault Duster, will use its increased ground clearance and sturdy suspension to tackle challenging road conditions. The car will be a soft-roader, which one might want to refrain from using for extreme off-roading.

6. The Cost

In terms of its competition, the Suzuki S Cross might be costlier than the Ecosport but the price will be reduced, so that Maruti can make its offering cheaper than the Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. Due to the popularity of Duster, Renault has acknowledged in the past that the car has been overpriced. Keeping the competition in consideration, Maruti will exercise competitive pricing  before it builds an appeal and gains popularity amongst the customers. Maruti has also scheduled a Diwali launch for a new premium hatchback and its components might be shared by the S Cross. This has been done by Maruti to reduce the production costs.

Source : 6 Things You Need To know About the Maruti S Cross