5 less known Maruti facts: Workers take 2,545 steps to finish every car


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Maruti Suzuki


  Maruti Suzuki’s position as the country’s top car maker for years now is well known. It commands a 47 per cent share in domestic car market, with a result that almost every second car sold in the country is a Maruti. However, certain interesting facts related to this Suzuki owned company is not known to many.


1) Maruti consumes about 70,000 litres of paint every day to colour the 5,000 cars manufactured daily by the company at its two manufacturing units in Haryana’s Manesar and Gurgaon. Sixty five robots work to paint the bumpers alone.

2) Maruti needs 20,000 tonnes of steel every month, half of which gets imported from Japan and Korea. The annual consumption stands at about 240,000 tonnes. The steel used can make 32 Eiffel Towers, each consuming about 7,300 tonnes.

3) More than 4,000 trucks enter and leave the two plants every day. The two plants receive raw materials and components from the 2,500 vendors in more than 3,400 trucks daily and send out 650 trailers loaded with cars every day.

4) The two plants use more than 2,400 robots and are fairly automated. The weld shop and paint shop at the plants are almost entirely automated and operated by robots.

5) Maruti Suzuki's workers take 2,545 steps to complete every car. The number of steps has come down significantly from 3,077 steps in March 2014 due to fatigue reduction initiatives.