400bhp Range Rover Sport WINNER from LARTE

LARTE Design has released a more powerful diesel version on the Range Rover Sport called WINNER. Already a famous name in world of the rich and famous, this new version will further attract prospective customers for the British workhorse. The Range Rover Sport might be huge but it is very quick on its feet, and with the new LARTE Design tuning it has become even faster.

The SDV8 engine now produces 400bhp than the standard tune generating 339bhp of power. The design gets a new outlook as well featuring an all new colour scheme in blue and silver. With the new colour gelling well with the appearance of the Sport, the WINNER has been designed to be very aggressive and dynamic, particularly through the uniquely designed grill.

This grille is characterised by 3 frames taking the form of inverted trapezoids. The front apron has various polygons, air inlets and lightsteps, making the bumper feel nearly biological. The black central part with a large air grid breaks up the monolithic front and adds some dynamism and sportiness to the overall character.

The LED daytime running lights will surely catch your attention on the Winner. The rear gains some more elegance by the small spoiler fins and fine air inlets. The four-flow LARTE exhaust system has black chrome-plated tailpipes which look absolutely menacing and sound the part.

Source : Range Rover Sport 2015 - 400bhp Range Rover Sport WINNER from LARTE