2014 Sao Paulo Auto Show: Ford Showcases EcoSport Beauty, Storm, Beast concepts

Ford Motor Company has showcased three new modified concept versions of its highly popular EcoSport crossover SUV christened as – Beauty, Beast and Storm at the ongoing 2014 São Paulo Auto Show, Brazil. The Blue Oval company didn't reveal anything about these three concepts going for sale but stressed on the 'ability, versatility and customization possibilities' of the EcoSport. EcoSport Storm

Ford EcoSport Storm

The Storm version takes heavy inspiration from the big brother Ford F-150 Raptor pickup. And is very much guessable from the Raptor-esque grille 'FORD' inscribed meaner looking grille. The Storm features "Blue Storm" paint job with black and silver highlights and graphics along with revised body cladding. The crossover SUV rides on 215/75 R15 off-road rubber. EcoSport Beauty

Ford EcoSport Beauty

The Beauty concept is more inclined towards urban usage and gets 'sophisticated' touches. Beauty is dressed up in flamboyant matte metallic copper 'Copper Stardust' shade with contrasting black roof. The Beauty rides on 235/40 cross-section R18 radials and features LED fog lamps. On the inside, Beauty offers four individual captain leather seats and infotainment system with GPS that also sports headrest DVD screens. EcoSport Beast

Ford EcoSport Beast

The Beast as the name indicates focuses on 'sportiness of the EcoSport'. The exteriors feature pearlescent white - "Speed White" paint job, which is highlighted with blue and orange detailing. The crossover also adds unique-to-the-three an air scoop on bonnet. Apart from the air-intake it offers four LED fog lamps along with day-time-running-LEDs and rides on fatter 235/60 R18 tyres. On the inside, it gets central multimedia system with GPS along with cycle racks instead of rear seats.

Source : CarDekho