1930's Auto Union magic recreated

[caption id="attachment_16546" align="alignnone" ] Auto Union Racing Car re-imagined - Front End[/caption]

Modern-day racing has evolved considerably, with a host of safety features built into the cars themselves as well as the overall infrastructure. But there was a time when electronic driver aids were only a figment of imagination, and the safety blanket was all but absent.

Turn back the clock then to the 1930's when Auto Union cars were a formidable force on the track, where drivers raced on a wheel and a prayer. The designs were minimalist and the other elements meant that these cars required men of steel to fling them around the track all the way to the checkered flag.

[caption id="attachment_16547" align="alignnone" ]Auto Union Racing Car Re-imagined Auto Union Racing Car re-imagined[/caption]

If however, the Spirit of the Thirties were to make a comeback today, we'd reckon that this is what it'd look like. One look at it and you're convinced that some of that old, badass DNA still flows through those lines. But the designer, Burov Art from Russia has infused enough of the Audi elements to make sure that the design appeals enough to those from the present day.

While this rendering is said to be designed around a turbo'ed four-cylinder motor or electric propulsion in a mid/rear mount position. We're stoked!

Source: Car Scoops

Source : MotorOctane