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  Monday, Nov 30, 2015
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Maruti Suzuki Ritz - Making waves
Maruti Suzuki blitzes the small car charts with its seventh entry. We drive the all-new Ritz
By : Bijoy Kumar Y | Published : June 01, 2009 | Photos : Srinivas Krishnan
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Like the new A-Star, the Ritz belongs to the funky school of design. It is taller than it has any reason to be, it has got prominently flared wheel arches, inwardly kinked tail architecture with matching lamp structures and a stance that can be loosely called ‘lounge’. Brilliant? Well let me say that I like the effort that has gone into the design and detailing. It is exciting, but falls short of being ‘proportionate’ to look at – which, ahem, the Swift is. Inside, the Ritz is genuinely path breaking – if a colour-coded dashboard and a centre console mounted gear lever (like in the i10) don’t impress you, the overall ergonomics will. Then you see bits and pieces from the Swift and the SX4 all over the place – which is not a bad thing at all. The single, large speedo is very Mini-like and I love it. Finer details like the tachometer that is made to look after-market and the rubber surround to the gear lever makes the interior one of the finest amongst small cars in India. With the arrival of small cars like the Skoda Fabia and the impending launch of the Honda Jazz and the Volkswagen Polo, Suzuki has realised the importance of providing Indian customers with quality textures and materials and has passed on the Euro interiors to us without any compromise. Height adjustable seats are comfortable for the long run and it is really a boon to have adjustable steering and seatbelts. Compared to the Swift, the Ritz makes you feel less claustrophobic thanks to the larger greenhouse and a more efficient utilisation of space.
An all-new engine from Suzuki’s new K-line of engines powers the petrol version of the Ritz. This new K12 engine is important for Maruti Suzuki in India since it falls on the right side of the excise bracket and soon will power the Swift and other models. This 1197cc DOHC motor features drive-by-wire throttle and develops 84 bhp at 6000 rpm and 11.3 kgm of torque at 4500 clicks. This engine is reasonably quick off the block and should return a time of 6 seconds for 60 kph (we have not tested the car yet) and should do 100 kph in around 13 seconds. What we did though was to drive the car over a 100 km loop and the Ritz impressed with its driveability. Gearing is good for our driving conditions and you are never really ‘hunting’ for power. The shift quality of the 5-speed box was extremely good too.

The diesel motor is the familiar Fiat developed (though better executed by Suzuki) 1248cc DDiS motor that is good for 74 bhp at 4000 rpm and 19 kgm from 2000 rpm onwards. The diesel Ritz is almost as quick and fast as the petrol version and it loses out only on the refinement levels. Modern small diesels can match similar capacity petrols on performance, but petrol engines still hold the advantage when it comes to overall refinement.

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  Posted by Rahul at 10th July,2011
Ya, Ritz is the all rounder. I bought one recently. Based on my personal experience, I agree with all points with reviewer except the interior quality. Its an ok ok feeling with interiors for me. That may be because reviewer seems to have reviewed the Zxi which has somewhat better interiors/features than its low cost siblings. Another major problem I have with Ritz its once a while it goes into false gear when I try to put it in reverse gear. Will have to check out with the Service center. Any other Ritz owner experiencing this?
  Posted by dr . bhanu abohari at 17th March,2011
almost two yrs since the article was written , and it proves itself right.ritz\'s not so hot sales are only due to one single fact ...indian\'s fetish for swift diesel, otherwise it is every bit an almost perfect family diesel hatchback on this side of the equator. kudos and well judged bijoy!
  Posted by akashon4 at 11th July,2010
Don't buy car from feardeal (MARUTI Also) they will cheat you after booking.. they will delay Ur purchasing and don't stay on their own commitment. severe point is that after complaining lot of times to maruti through mail and customer calls they also don't response on your concern...i am one of them their victims. I booked my car there I still waiting for Ritz car from more than one month (its waiting was 5-6 day @time of booking) now car price increase. at the time of booking they was going me attractive offers now they are taking back to their step to commitment.. but after all of this they are still not sure about availability of car. I complained lot of time to maruti but they are also not responding well. in last I planed to refund back and going to buy Nissan Micra. I will thank to maruti they played game to me and that help my side I overwhelmingly waited for that.. nissan come to market now I think that best for me. thanks you maruti for giving customer well response. I think
  Posted by n singh at 6th July,2009
really? is it possible to get a turbo kit for the swift diesel? where? how? Also is the new diesel engines being fitted now in the swift better than the older ones? ta
  Posted by jojila at 25th June,2009
ramandeep have u ever driven on autobhan try driving a maruti there it wont be allowed there in the first place the entire world acknowledges german technology its not ur mistake i guesss u know the answer
  Posted by ramandeep singh at 23rd June,2009
nothing wrong with review. Maruti makes excellent cars. They are more reliable than Mercedes benz, Audi BMW and the like. I hve an Alto and it has done 73,000 in the 5 years it has been with me. Been to Zojila pass and back. Not even once it has broken down!!! hats off to Maruti for the quality cars they produce.
  Posted by Sandeep at 17th June,2009
First thing first - If you are reviewing any product, you should not be biased. And this person here, not reviewing the product, but selling the product. If you talk about the quality of plastic used by Maruti in this product; which is much lesser than that of i10, forget about i20. Thats on your face, Mr. Reviewer. Also, review does not mean first impression only. As a seasoned reviewer, you should know what are the long term ownership value. take any maruti product and you know what I mean. t
  Posted by Babu at 17th June,2009
This guy seems to paid by Maruti to write this review as such. I am amazed the BSmotoring is having such so called (horrible) experts and actually loosing your credibility as good Auto magazine. Ask this person, if know anything about torque,power,ergonomics,suspension,built quality,ride quality... I am shocke to see this revie wby BSM. very bad
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