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  Thursday, Nov 26, 2015
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Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Hyundai i.20 - Hatching big plans
By : BSM Desk | Published : May 30, 2009 | Photos : BSM
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Hyundai could not challenge the Suzuki Swift in the Indian market with the Getz and it remains to be seen how well the i20 will fare. What we do know about the i20 is that it looks contemporary and is comfortable to live with. The Swift still looks new and sporty and the good old Esteem-derived engine is peppy too. Both cars offer decent ride quality on Indian roads. Build quality of the Swift has not been its strength while the i20 does not compromise on this front. The Kappa engine that makes the i10 a genuine ‘benchmark’ fails to move the i20 with the same energy levels thanks to the additional weight. If you are looking for a contemporary car that offers decent mileage in these tough times, your search should end at a Hyundai dealership. But if you are looking for a fun-to-drive machine that plants a smile on your face every time you get behind the wheel – then it is the Swift that should get the nod. Our choice? Maruti Suzuki Swift.

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  Posted by anoop.vk at 27th February,2012
how do you compare swift vs i20 both are looking good, but intirials, boot space, dicky space, back seat sitting are not so good in swift,but driving comfort amazing, i20 interior good, boot space satisfactory, dicky space very good , back seat sitting also good, driving comfort not so good copare to swift
  Posted by Rahul Singh at 14th November,2011
When i was palnning to buy a car, i was really confused between Swift & I-20.....and after many reviews from car experts i chose I-20....and i can say that i took the right decision.....and guys dont compare I-20 with Swift. I-20 belongs to a higher segment and can be compared with Dzire.......if you rlly think so...for me I-20 is the is your pocket.
  Posted by Mayank at 14th November,2011
As the blog says , driving Swift puts a smile on your face :) you just need an excuse to go for a drive Moreover the new Swift you just can't get enough of it .
  Posted by Pratik at 6th November,2011
Hyundai i20 is the best. It should not be compared with swift. It has luxurious interior,sexy and stylish look and much more features. I love i20 and it is the best in its segment.
  Posted by ashish guleria at 7th October,2011
I think I 20 is best.maruti swift shud b compared with hyundai I 10.
  Posted by sam at 24th September,2011
i20 any day better and value for money and feels a segment above........
  Posted by bullz at 1st April,2011
i20 d best car... swift d worst...!!
  Posted by Adi at 11th February,2011
i20 is a gift of heaven
  Posted by Premchand at 24th December,2010
Maruti Swift and Hyundai i20 are not in the same plane. Hyundai i20 is definitely a class apart, a true premium hatchback with superior creature comforts and superlative technology. Not to mention, the interiors are plush and puts many a sedans to shame. Maruti Swift is a driver's car and nothing beyond.
  Posted by RaLPH at 18th December,2010
Oh...goshhhh....Gimme a break ppl...Its such a crapy exp to sit in i20 with a feeling of the extended rear. I think u all are satisfied with the length and breadth of the car than the performance scenario. Hyundai has proved a gud copy cat since the days of sonata but can not match up with quality and performance. Swift is roarin n classy.
  Posted by MD at 28th November,2010
i would like to kno acc to maintainence wise wch car is preferable.......i m nt going to used it regularly ................can say 3 days in a wk so plz guys suggest me a car either : maruti suzuki swift or hyundai i20????????????????????
  Posted by kkkk at 16th November,2010
Even dzire cant match i20, with its space, features and design. After all Dzire's design is like an ambassador just too fat. I20 is a long hatchback at 3.94 mtrs, its much longer than 3.69 mtrs and only slightly behind dzire's 4.14 mtrs. i20's comparison lies with fabia and polo
  Posted by Rahul Singh at 11th October,2010
i 20 belongs to a different segment and if u rlly wanna compare it, it shud b wid Dzire..not swift...pple go for it just bcoz of tag - Maruti...else i dont see any reason...however we should also not forget that how hyundai has brken the markt and has establised its 2nd position...i always prefer hyundai ...
  Posted by H.B.Bhatia, Goa. at 11th October,2010
I think no car in this segment can match i20 as it is a class apart.Get behind the wheels and you cud feel the difference. it gives you a feeling of sitting in the cockpit rather then a car.i think none other car at this price can offer you this. I am going for i20 sports and this i think is going to be fun.
  Posted by Harsheet S Bhatia at 3rd September,2010
i20 is the far better car then maruti suzuki swift , b'coz driving is a comfrort in i20 , swift is the same old horse in indian market .. People run before swift due to its tag MARUTI which is now a big crap on Indian road . Waiting time in delivery of car is pethatic .. We must not compare i20 with swift its a competition to dezire.
  Posted by JSR at 16th June,2010
i20 is far more better than swift except maruti's service. The material quality is far more superior in i20. no comparison....
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