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  Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015
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Drag Modified Yamaha RX100 - Drag King
An RX100 for the nutcase in you
By : Pablo Chaterji | Published : July 18, 2005 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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Drag modified Yamaha RX100 reviews & features
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Okay, this is not amusing anymore. I’m about 5’11”, which is a decent amount of altitude even if I say so myself. I like my bikes fairly hefty, with enough height on them for me not to have to bend myself into a yogic posture on the seat. Given this preference, it isn’t surprising that after about six minutes on Yogesh Sathe’s wildly-modified drag special RX100, my back feels like some-one drove a poker rod through it. My teeth are also rattling to the point that I fear for the safety of my fillings. You see, the bike I’m riding has had its suspension drastically lowered. My spine is the rear shock absorber – well, actually there’s a pair of old Eliminator rear shocks – and the front fork sliders have been chopped too; smaller suspension components, less weight. The end result of all of this is an extreme riding position and an ability to transmit every undulation on the road directly to the brain. Still, I remind myself that this bike was purpose-built purely for ferocious straight-line performance, not a toddle down to the market.

I persevere and search for a reasonably long section of road where I can let this ticking time bomb loose. Hiccuping and coughing along at about 3500 rpm, the bike is clearly unhappy about the current state of affairs – like all two-strokes, it wants to hit the powerband ‘Now!’ and cling to it for dear life. All this ambling about is definitely beginning to get on its nerves. Even at the low speeds I’m currently doing, the soundtrack coming through its Proton expansion chamber is deafening, and I quickly pull in the clutch and coast as I pass a hospital – the last thing I need now is a few cardiac arrests on my conscience.

Ah, there’s a promising stretch – a good 80 metres long, well-surfaced, no traffic, a few dozing building security guards. I do a recce along the stretch just to make sure there are no nasty surprises; gravel, hidden potholes, speed-breakers and so forth. The coast, thankfully, is clear – time to light the fuse and stand well clear. I crouch over and grasp the clip-ons (with anodised aluminium grips, very cool), position my feet well back on the home-made rear sets and take a moment. Revs dialled in, a slightly rough shift into first and I’m off.
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  Posted by karthik patil at 15th June,2011
Super modification ,i have 94 model rx 100 but now a days its drag power became less what shall i do?
  Posted by Kamal at 8th May,2011
I have my owm rx100 and rx135 they both are very powerfull bikes plz relauncd it..
  Posted by Kamal at 8th May,2011
If any one have any of rx yamaha and specialy of rd 350 and want to sale it plz cntct me 9716261997
  Posted by ramesh bhadur at 6th March,2011
hi dude ur bike not so gud.think little bit to modified the bike...
  Posted by nikhil at 10th February,2011
hw much dose it run in 402meters did u checked out the seconds
  Posted by Ratan at 7th February,2011
Hey, Can anyone let me know of getting the proton silencer. I need it for my RX100. Any contacts in hyderabad or somewhere??? Thanks,
  Posted by russell at 19th January,2011
hey' it was a good try, but not up 2 da mark. just cut da word drag out of it otherwise its nice 2 look at
  Posted by Farooq at 3rd January,2011
Hi dude please advise my how to midify my bike i really need it as i do owne a RX100.
  Posted by KIRAN at 29th August,2010
  Posted by vissal at 19th August,2010
rx 100 bike very difarant all bike rx rcing bike. it,s 2strok bike medin japan 1987.vishal surat
  Posted by Srihari at 17th July,2010
Hi Please tel what is the silencer name that you have put to your vehicle and how much does it cost. harti
  Posted by Shaayaan at 7th May,2010
wow! a very impressive article. i looooove this bike to the core. i there a way i could get my bike modded like this one here? please lemme know thru my mail. wow once again. thanx!
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