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  Monday, Nov 30, 2015
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Volkswagen Vento review - Ventastic!
We drive the new VW Vento. Here's how it is...
By : Srinivas Krishnan | Published : August 13, 2010
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1. In the flesh, the Volkswagen Vento is a good-looking car. Like its arch rival - the Honda City - it doesn't look like a hatch with a boot added on. Its lines are crisp, making it a proper three-box car. Speaking of the boot, its very spacious, as it is quite deep.

2. The front-end looks slightly different from the Polo, especially in the treatment of the lower airdam. Perhaps VW could have modified the grille a wee bit to make it stand apart from its hatchback sibling (after all, they shouldn't make the same mistake as the Fiat Palio/Siena/Weekend). Since the Polo is a gorgeous hatchback, there is no denying the Vento's design appeal. The profile is clean yet sporty while the rear end treatment is balanced and proportionate.

3. The C-pillar treatment along with the quarter-glass is neat - whether you see it from the outside or from the inside.

4. VW India could have given the Vento the same bootlid opening as the Polo, where you depress the VW badge to release the hatch. But they decided against it because of the complexity involved in engineering it. It's a nice talking point on the Polo...
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  Posted by ravish joshi at 22nd March,2012
wat is the invoice price of vento petrol highliner
  Posted by zarir oomrigar at 14th March,2012
we purchased a VW Vento , breeze on 10th Oct 2011 thru Saman Motors, Prabhadevi, Mumbai. So far the car is behaving just fantastically. the only irritant in the car is the company fitted navigation system. I got this replaced about a month ago as it had ON/OFF problems. Thuis was done at the workshop at Lal Baug. Recently, about a week back a new problem with the system. The screen lights up only when the head lights are turned ON else the screen is blank thought the music can be heard. Went to B U Bhandari in Pune service centre on 15th. & they are also not able to set it right. Am agin going to Mumbai Shaman Motors & getting the piece changed. VW should make a strong note of this & see that this nuisance is removed from the car by providing a better make piece.
  Posted by sachin at 10th February,2012
I purchsed VV petrol HL in dec 11 and completed 2500 KM. I get mileage 14-17 ( city - Highway ). pick up / ride quality / AC / handling is far better than city / fluidic / fiesta. gearbox is like a cream and build quality is like railway engine. Overall a fantastic car. seating is like a sofa and suspensions - u just slide on the road. Purchase this car without a second thought.
  Posted by rsvikas at 29th December,2011
Confused between Nissan Sunny and VW Vento.While sunny comes with quite impressive features , Vento is known for performance and a well established brand in India (comparatively). Trendline has no features at all . But something feels good about VW . Nissan resale :( no idea . Help me
  Posted by Vicks at 25th December,2011
Three serious problems. First, sound like a 10 year old maruti 800 when started. Second, rattling in lower gears and third, no locking from inside.... serious problems for children.
  Posted by Roopy at 23rd December,2011
I own a VW Vento HL Diesel since Oct 2011. The car is awesome to say the least. The engine, gear box, Chasis, steering control, looks are all excellent. COUPLE OF MINOR THINGS can be improved viz the knees are rested on the central console giving a odd feeling while driving especialy for tall guys. The interiors are all biege...prone to dirt. The floor should have been dark coloured.
  Posted by jack at 21st December,2011
Volkswagen Vento worst car in town has many problems power windows does not work very less milage service charges cost Rs.10,000 per service totaly not worth
  Posted by Wadz at 8th December,2011
Wow..seriously zero pick-up,yeah rite...its the torque-est car in the segment hitting top torque at 153Nm @ 3800 RPM (check figures for city, verna, fiesta, linea you'll know what am all about)(i agree grow up man... don't spoil some brand name by your immature comments btw i get avg like 12-15 in the city driving like a human being and 11 at-least when ripping my car for fun) ...1st gear might feel slow only till about 1300 rpm(the very initial start from stand still - i feel its there so that in traffic like there is in our metro city's ...the car doesn't keep jumping every time u release the clutch to move 2 feet )...keep your foot on the pedal till 6800rpm( if u can) and it will blow you away on each gear shift. In my opinion its a brilliant car, build beautifully n to last.
  Posted by DR Lakshminarayana at 22nd November,2011
VW is giving a 14" steel spare wheel (cost about Rs.4k)because it wants to save on the price difference between it and an alloy wheel (OE cost 17k to 21k)which comes to about 13K to 17K!!!Not only that they don't give any free service even in the first year of purchase!!!Now tell me where do you see the GERMAN eye for perfection, quality, eye for excellence?? Don't you think that all these claims sound hollow and reveal pure business sense?? With all that the Vento Diesel Highline is the costliest in it's class!! I actually went to the dealer with a pre-determined mind to buy it. But after knowing these shocking facts by probing the sales guy and through the net from all you wonderful people I am seriously considering a switch.
  Posted by sudharsan at 2nd November,2011
Keyless Entry (Remote in VW Vento trendline, Breeze) is must for branded car... giving Rs.40,000 worth accessories is not a great thing but the remote is an most essential one.. because now a days there is a remote lock even for maruthi 800.. so jus think of it. VW is loosing many customers for tis reason in tamilnadu... Remote is not a very big accessory in such a brand car. so VW team should think of it and make some positive need to customers... also VW should give this accessory to all basic model customers in free of cost... if not the Basic models in VW is totally waste...
  Posted by Skumar at 8th September,2011
Own VW petrol highline for over 4 months and run over 5000 kms. Choose this car after trying Sx4, City, Fiesta, Verna and Linea. This is an excellent car for city as well as highway driving. Inside comfort and feel is unmatchable. Gives 12 kmpl in city and 17 kmpl on highway.
  Posted by Sanjeev at 8th August,2011
Hi, I have been owning vento diesel for over 8 months and it have been awsome to say the least. I have made 4 long distance trips over 600+ km and it gives immense driving pleasure. Before buying my car had tried, honda city, verna ( diesel) and Linea. I did not like them as much, esp comapred to disel vento. On the other hand, did not like ventro petrol as well.
  Posted by Subbiah at 10th March,2012
  Hi there! You described Vento Diesel and towards the end you said the Petrol model was not good. I am looking for those who drove both D and P models and can give a comparison. Can you please explain why you feel D is better than P version of Vento please?
  Posted by shekhar at 30th July,2011
Let me get it straight folks. The only drawback with the car is that the long term ownership costs are not known. Otherwise it is a fantastic car to be driven I am talking Vento Petrol. some guy below says Zero pick up....(grow up man... don't spoil some brand name by your immature comments) The service is good, its an emerging brand and they are very customer care conscious. And they will not "lie" to you.. genuine delays cannot be helped. that's my opinion. The car is extremely comfortable, has a high end cabin, smooth ride, great handling..(just try taking a U turn on a narrow road - u will be amazed at its 5.3-5.4 m turning radius...brilliant!! Excellent AC, additional USB port is also available at hardly Rs 600/- And I can't believe that city mileage is anything lesser than 11km /litre. I have seen 17.5 kmpl on highway. Overall a sophisticated car, built by one of the top car mfg company in the world. Worth going for.
  Posted by FARHAD at 25th July,2011
Some points about this car. 1. When we got the car, the plastic stuff on the driver's door was cracked. 2. The car has ZERO pick up. It drives like a Maruti Alto. 3. The music system that the dealer has fit is PATHETIC. 4. The fibre or metal of the body is like cardboard. Instead of denting or scratching, it becomes a HOLE. 5. FUEL EFFICIENCY IS NON-EXISTENT. About 8KMPL in city driving. 6. Fastening the driver side seat-belt buckle is HAMPERED by the arm-rest. German engineering??? I don't think so. In short - IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY and HAS SPOILT VW BRAND FOREVER. I will NEVER AGAIN buy a VW car.
  Posted by Raghav at 6th May,2011
Hi all, I am comparing Maruti SX4 and VW Vento. I read few points regarding Vento - 1] There is no child lock 2] No window control with Driver Seat 3] The sound quality for CD Player is low. 4] No ABS I am planning for VW Vento Trendline Diesel by this month end. ALL THOSE WHO ARE USING DIESEL TRENDLINE, PLEASE SHARE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES.
  Posted by madhu at 16th March,2011
I purchased this car in feb. vento tdi (trnline). Car is too costly. No worthy for money. We have to buy everything from company, where cost of a wheel cap each is Rs. 1600/-, outside we will get 2 sets for 4 tyres. advice do not buy and get booked for life time. Our pockets will empty.
  Posted by pb at 9th March,2011
I do not understand what the reviewer means by saying that the auto transmission saps the power, or that its not efficient etc. I think that auto transmissions should be the de facto cars in India, given the insane traffic. I can only assume that people have some kinda block against auto transmission, and maybe thats why manufacturers don\'t produce it much. The whole point of an auto transmission or CVT is that you don\'t have to \'think\' which \'gear\' you are just brake or accelerate as needed, and the car takes care of the rest.... Why are people looking for manual tranny like behavior in something which is not manual transmission? Hence it is very difficult to actually understand this review. Thanks..
  Posted by SGR at 7th March,2011
I am planning to buy Diesel Sedan below Rs. 10 Lakhs by end of this month. I can wait for couple of months if required. I am currently checking Tata Manza Elan, Ford Fiesta, SX4 Diesel, Vento Diesel. My priority would be good mileage, low maintenance, latest features, long term usage. Can some one suggest me BEST Diesel CAR for INDIAN roads below Rs. 10,00,000??? Thanks!
  Posted by Charan at 6th February,2011
I'm driving an AT, and its great. Its got the CVT, where you can manually shift gears without a clutch...same like F1. MT are a waste of time in India. Yes, it gives more control, but on crappy roads and traffic, I'd much rather go with an automatic. CVT is the best of both worlds. It gives you enough control and is convenient.
  Posted by akn at 21st December,2011
  Hello Charan, So how has the experience been for d last 9 months? what is the mileage right now with your automatic?
  Posted by Parag Tejura at 5th February,2011
VW........Never think of buying any product of this company. I purchase Vento on 17th October....I went on the tour next day......Car is having some serious problem in it.Local to one is being able to resolve the issue after 110 days. They are not being able to repair, not replasement is offered nor refund of the money. I'm held up with Rs.9.5 lac.
  Posted by jai bansal at 3rd February,2011
am driving vento diesel from last three months...... its amazing. much better car than honda city, verna, linea, ford and any other car in its segment. certainly lancer has more power then getting almost 19 km per lt in city as if now...that after driving 4000 km.. the worst part is the dealers attitude as if now they are selling aston martin in the price of vento..
  Posted by jitendra at 28th January,2011
well i m planning to buy new car for the prices about 1000000 i have test drive VENTO VW its nice but still thinking for Verna is any one can advise me what to do or any onther choice
  Posted by vkaup at 24th January,2011
It's been 3 months since I booked my Vento HL Petrol and the dealer just told me that it will take another 3 months. Is the car really worth so much of wait? Now my personal experience. When I booked VW Vento Petrol, they (VW Downtown, Magrath Road, Bangalore - Elite Motors Pvt Ltd) told the waiting period will be little less than 3 months. But they refuse to write anything in the application form to indicate the waiting period. They left it blank despite my request. They say it is their practice. That's the way they tricked me. I visited the dealer 2 weeks ahead of the so-called promised delivery date; still, no revelations of their true colour. But in the last week when I call them, they told bluntly (typical of Germans!) to wait for another 3 months. Again, no where in the record. If you show displeasure, they tell our money may be refunded within 2 weeks with no shame whatsoever. Thank god, they dont have any cancellation charges. Your 1 Lac is locked with them for nearly 4 mont
  Posted by vkaup at 24th January,2011
(contd. from previous) Your 1 Lac is locked with them for nearly 4 months which is what they probably aspire. If VW can not deliver on time due to its own problems, why make money out of it? Why give false commitment to the buyers? Why cheat people, and exercise it in all precision? So my message to all - please beware when you are dealing with Volkswagen people. I think, as Ventos advertisement shows, their engineers are not the only ones to weep to let their vehicles go, they make their customers cry too, for wrong reasons!! Hope they didnt give the vehicle to any of the so called VIPs / preferred customers; anything can happen in Bangalore these days.
  Posted by ayesha kazi at 23rd January,2011
its a good car..and i have also booked it because i have found it much more beter than mercedes..i <3 this car
  Posted by jairk at 15th January,2011
i think locking system in Vento and polo is similar to mercedes and bmw's. so it must be adhering to some german standards.
  Posted by Vishva at 11th January,2011
I am 100% sure that VW Vento will conquer the mid segment and show the exit door to Honda City...! VW Vento is much better car with perfect blend of comfort and performance. Honda City is expensive (just worth 7.5 Lacs only for a fully loaded car on road....and they are really cheating by asking 10.2 Lacs)and not value for the money which they have to take the brunt against VW Vento.
  Posted by prince at 9th January,2011
i did check the city and vento...seems that vento turns out to be a better car on the most reviews that i went through...vento diesel is petrol the AT seems to sap out the power....also without getting into any of the could easily make out how nice the vento interiors interiors looked really cheap...suprised that vento has no child locks..
  Posted by buying new car at 28th December,2010
Let’s hope that whatever he planned he got that. Moreover if he achieved whatever he has decided then that would be beneficial for all. So let’s hope and pray for his success. Thanks for sharing with buying new car.
  Posted by ronak at 28th December,2010
i want to tale new volks vanto is it worth taking
  Posted by ronak at 28th December,2010
reply guys...........
  Posted by Vishy at 27th December,2010
Vento is the best car in this segment. In terms of Dealer issue, I think one should look at the deal of getting German Car and ignore the rest. There will be hardly any service issue for 1st couple of years and by then VW's servicing will settle down just as Honda's. Also from ground clearance and rear space, Vento has an edge over City. Also just cos steering mount gadets can not decide the better car. In terms of pricing Vento is priced much lesser than the premium it's brand value over Honda. I think Vento is better deal at least over City. No doubt City is good car but VEnto is no less and I feel Vento has an edge in many areas.
  Posted by Venkat at 18th December,2010
But........... it looks exteemly good
  Posted by b.t.harish at 18th December,2010
hai machies i am double minde in bying this car please please give me the best review as you could please please ..................
  Posted by Vishnu at 6th December,2010
I am surprised about the careless Safety Feature of the VW VENTO in which you can open any door during driving from inside and there is no locking arrangement..? Does it sounds DANGER from a German make..? Need clarification.
  Posted by Shriny at 21st November,2010
In my humble opinion that Linea T-jet is much better car loaded with features and performance. Linea T-jet is really value for money against anyone at this range. Honda City is Good but Linea T-jet is better with latest technolgy. VW Vento scores in Diesel but no good for Petrol.
  Posted by Sujay Kulkarni at 20th November,2010
Hi, I own Vento Highline Petrol Manual for almost 1.5 months now. My experience is: Comfort: The climatronic A/C is very good. Cools (not chills) uniformly. Although a bit noisy above blower speeds above 3. Suspensions are superb. Strangely though, I have sometimes experienced a big ‘thud’ on relative small pot-holes. One probable reason could be suspension's bottom spring mount plate which is mounted pretty low. Internal space is quite good. Pickup Sometimes, while over-taking on highways, I felt the power was lagging. Mileage: I got an average of 8 Kmpl in tank-full. In my next one, about 12 kmpl. Best Features: Smooth ride, overall build quality, looks, driver information system, A/c Needs to improve Need to provide Dead pedal, Bluw-5, Steering mounted controls & a better stereo. Driving: Drive is really smooth. Absolutely no vibrations or sound in idling. Braking is great & very stable. Dead pedal is something I really miss. Sometimes, while over-taking on highways, I
  Posted by bharat bhansali at 18th November,2010
hello friends wheather the vento milege is good in city and highway in diesel...and wheather the drive is good.pls pls inform me......
  Posted by ankittttt at 13th November,2010
fabulous car
  Posted by Rakesh mehta at 10th November,2010
Hi ...friends. I know own the vento diesel high line for over a month now....travelled between Delhi /Chandigarh.The car is nice and comfortable , however flip side is what I am going to share. It does make noise in the begining when u start , and also till u get into 2nd gear , you are on toes. No side place to park ur foot from accelarator , so u need to learn how to cram ur self , once u rae in a 5th gear. Their is no Child my horror , the central locking is only for out side opening and all can open the doors any time while the car is running.....I do not know ....I have found no logic for not having child locks at the back atleast. The AC at the back..airflow is what would happen in May/June...we would find out. The steering is making some tic tic noises...need to find this out more by driving more...lest see. Last the agency in Chandigarh sucks...rude arrogant and we are right attitude...far away from Honda agencies. Vento company needs to make the all
  Posted by Vinay at 7th November,2010
Hey guys..I have been using Vento diesel from last 20days..its a amwzing car with good mileage..Gave more than 20KMPL on highway which is fantastic..
  Posted by haju at 4th November,2010
how many days it take to buy a volkswagen venti.
  Posted by arnav at 2nd November,2010
my issues with vento : 1)no steering mounted audio controls, 2)no usb/aux 3)tons of user comments about poor after sales service 4)dull interiors 5)lower performance(pickup) than with honda city giving a heavy discount.i get S M/T in city and petrol highline fr da same price. very confused.plz help.
  Posted by vishal at 2nd November,2010
looks like the VW is not able to keep their committment ..... then why market the car so much if they are not competant enough to keep the supply. To add to this... the dealers suck. Its been two months since I booked my Vento and the Dealer just told me that it will take another 3 months. Is the car really worth so much of wait?
  Posted by Suresh at 2nd November,2010
Reverse Horn is missing? It is a must for India roads. They must consider it to be a factory fitted accessory.
  Posted by Vishal at 27th October,2010
Good car in wrong hands is all I can say.. all the craze of the car is lost the moment to speak to a salesman.. I have booked the car and since one month there has been no response from the dealer as regards the delivery..whats the point in promoting the car when one cannot deliver
  Posted by Sunny Raina at 26th October,2010
VW vento is a nice car but overall the Fiat Linea outscores both the Vento & Honda City in terms of looks, features & value for money. Why linea is better is because Vento does not offers steering mounted controls nor does it offers USB & aux connectivity whereas city offers only USB & not Cd & Mp3 playing facility. Linea has all these features & also has features like My Car & Blue & Me! so Linea is the best, looks best rides & handles best is a decent performer. Go for Linea its a beauty no one can debate that.
  Posted by Dhirendra at 25th October,2010
What i experienced i can say "The German Technology with the "Desi Committement". After booking of Vento Highline Diesal till date no one from the booking deler ready to say when i will get my car. The delevery is on "Bhagvan Bharose"
  Posted by shreyas at 24th October,2010
yes you are write
  Posted by Lucky at 21st October,2010
Can anybody give a detailed comparision between Vento and Honda City.
  Posted by yogesh at 20th October,2010
hi iam using vento since 13days it is superb car accordingto me.i like its performance interior seeting comfort
  Posted by Rohan at 17th October,2010
I am planning to purchase a midsized car of around Rs.10 lakhs. My usage is less ,maybe 800 KMS per month. So I will be looking at petrol engine. The 2 cars which are in my radar are VW Vento and Linea T Jet ( you can suggest if you have something better car here). Can you please let me know which is a overall good car that I should go for. Thanks.
  Posted by Amit Trivedi at 11th October,2010
I found rear seat depth to be really smaller than city...and thats why space for rear passengers appears bigger and better than actually they are...!! One hump in the middle also is a troubling aspect. Cabin is smaller than city.
  Posted by D Singh at 29th September,2010
Can some one suggest me BEST CAR for INDIAN roads below Rs. 10,00,000??? Thanks!
  Posted by R.V.Raghavan at 26th September,2010
ust test drove the VW Vento trendline yesterday (25th Sept 2010) after using the Honda City ZX Exi for 3 days. I would like to record the following points:(1) Exteriors: I think the VW Vento looks sportier and smarter.(2) Vento mirrors not retractable, which could be deadly in Pune traffic. Since the ratio of 2 wheelers to 4 wheelers in Pune is 4:1, damage to mirrors is inevitable.(3)Lights: Equally good.(4)Mileage: Both cars claim similar mileage of 16.5mpl.(5) My height is just under 6 ft. The steering wheel clearance of the City is just above my knee in the upper position. The Vento clearance appears better.(6) A/C vents: The Vento Trendline has rear vents in addition to front vents. The City 1.5EMT does not have rear vents.(7) The Vento interiors appear to be better with an armrest for the driver added. (8) All 4 doors are locked and released by the driver in the Vento TL; not so in the City. (9) Rear view is poor in the Vento. The rear glass is much smaller and raised. Kerb view i
  Posted by subhash choudhary at 22nd September,2010
ultimate car
  Posted by vicky at 22nd September,2010
i heard dat pick up is very bad and diesel version had an engine sound ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  Posted by chitchat at 18th September,2010
i m planning to buy the highline vento diesel.gone for a test drive yest.loved the car except for the bad pick up esp in 1st and 2 nd gears, little noise and clutch rattling.. did any one find the same.others features were awesome please give feedbacks abt drive
  Posted by Rajan at 15th September,2010
If you have used any of the tall boy hatch and decided to go for Vento then you may feel ingress and egress to be littel awkward. The big hump on the floor of the back seat area is a real worry. Also.. Beige carpets?? maintenance will be a big problem unless we have good well covered carpet available as accessory. I am dying to own the VW badge because of its build quality but small, unworthy issues like this ia making me to think. Also, i've read few forums where the vento enthusiats has conveyed the unpleasant carefree attitude of the dealers... VW.. Are you listening. Good brands like VW are being spoilt by unworthy dealership guys...
  Posted by Vinay at 15th September,2010
I am planning to buy the Vento trendline diesel..Can anyone tell me the exact mileage on road
  Posted by BRINDA at 13th September,2010
We are deciding on buying Vento...any hidden surprises of ppl who own a VENTO or have driven the vento !!
  Posted by SHANTHOSH at 10th September,2010
  Posted by Subrata Sen at 2nd September,2010
Very Good; enjoyed it thoroughly & re-confirmed my own decision to buy Vento. Thanks, Subrata Sen
  Posted by amit at 22nd August,2010
Nice artice.. Its really shameful for the car manufacturers don’t give safety features like ABS as an option. I like Vento very much and tempted to buy diesel one.. my budget allows me to go for trendline version but I can spend extra money for ABS… but pity only highline one gets it..
  Posted by anuj at 21st August,2010
What an plain review by BS Motoring. Even 5th graders can write bigger and interesting sentences.
  Posted by Sanjeev Kshirsagar at 20th August,2010
I like the completely unbiased road tests/reviews by BS Motoring, which are far better than other so-called renowned auto mags in india. I am a fan of BS motoring since 2003 and regularly read the magazine whenever i'm in India. This review of Volkswagen Vento is fantastic and to the point. Please also comment on the point made by sp here on the site regarding the 14"/15" fiasco by VW. Keep up the good work.
  Posted by ps at 20th August,2010
@sp Dear friend, 14 & are the rim sizes not the overall radius of tyre. The tyre sixe remains same by having 60 number rubber on 15 inches alloy and 85 on 14 inches steel.
  Posted by sp at 18th August,2010
I also read that the Vento highline version spare wheel is a 14" steel rim, while the fitted tyres are 15" alloys, which I found quite odd for this range of vehicle to have. And in case of a puncture on the highway then you drive one 14" and 3 - 15"? Also risk suffering the car pulling to one side - till the 15" tyre is repaired and fitted back. This is'nt europe and everyone is not equipped and adept at sealing and repairing tubeless tyres. You'll find more Mac's on the highway than tubeless tyre repair shops. Plus the need to spend a couple of hours mid-journey/work repairing tyres to get all 15" back on the car. What was VW thinking?
  Posted by Velutha at 17th August,2010
oops sorry I meant Tags... 'Vento Road-test' LOLZZ not expected from u guys
  Posted by Toton at 16th August,2010
Anyone can share information & Experience on Volkswagen After Sales Service in Kolkata/India ?
  Posted by Velutha at 16th August,2010
Et tu, BSM? talking about the tabs
  Posted by nik at 15th August,2010
When are we ever going to have you guys doing "real test drives"..smashin, chucking, cars around a race track, pushin them to their limits (instead of taking car cos word for it on paper)like in british car shows which often dont even bother talking about useless things like interiors. In india engine talk has become secondary and irrelevant and that is exactly why we get sub standards dumped at us..
  Posted by Doc at 14th August,2010
Almost nothing to crib about except the absence of steering-mounted audio controls and lack of dead pedal! BTW, could you mention in passing the locales of your drives? It'd further add an element of interest to the good write-ups. Doc
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