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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Skoda Laura vRS Roadtest - Yellow fever relapse
November 09,2011 01:11 AM
There’s something about performance badges, isn’t there? AMG, M, GTi and in this particular case, vRS – simple letters that evoke worship and produce obscene amounts of power, using...Read
Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 Roadtest - Lazy in red
November 03,2011 03:11 PM
It’s been a fun monsoon. Motorcycles have been plentiful and as a pleasant side dish, I’ve had a defiantly bright, cheerful car for each of the last three months....Read
Audi RS5 Roadtest - Kick RS!
October 07,2011 01:10 PM
This has never happened before. There’s the sound of thunder in the air. But it’s not the rain-lashing clouds above that are producing it....Read
Maruti Suzuki Swift roadtest - Right on target
September 27,2011 04:09 PM
Five years ago, I sat in the middle of a traffic jam, waiting for it to clear. My navigator was anxious....Read
Mercedes-Benz GL 500 vs Toyota Land Cruiser - Bulk deal
September 23,2011 05:09 PM
Take a look at the photograph on this page. What do you see? You see two über SUVs, parked nose to tail....Read
Hyundai Verna Diesel review - Verna Cooler
September 12,2011 03:09 PM
Well, how’s this – the Verna diesel automatic will make the older one burn with envy, even question the reason for its very existence. Okay, so that was a bit too brief....Read
Audi A6 vs BMW 530D vs Mercedes-Benz E 350 - Change of guard
September 01,2011 06:09 PM
The last time these three came together was back in January 2008, which goes to show that we as a market are now onto the second generation of these very cars in a span of just four years....Read
Renault Fluence vs Skoda Laura - Points of view
August 16,2011 01:08 PM
I usually live for the moment, but right now I am being wistful. Here are two diesel cars with different strengths, and I am thinking of another one altogether....Read
Verna vs SX4 vs City vs Vento - End of the road?
August 03,2011 03:08 PM
Few roads can tell you what a car is truly capable of. An open, winding road is one of them. More often than not, it tells you what a car feels like, and whether it has all the trappings of a winner....Read
BMW 650i Road Test - Six on toast
July 29,2011 03:07 PM
It all happened in a blur. Slow moving car in fast lane – check. Refuses to move to the slow lane despite flashing and honking – check....Read
Volkswagen Passat vs Skoda Superb - Passat Forward
July 27,2011 01:07 PM
1. Volkswagen buys out Mazda....Read
Audi A7 review - Odd number
June 18,2011 09:06 PM
Everyone knows that the cars the Europeans design and the way we Indians use them don’t exactly match....Read
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