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  Sunday, Jan 25, 2015
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Yamaha SZ review - Double-edged Yam
Yamaha’s new SZ goes for two segments at once. How does it fare?
By : Kartik Ware | Published : September 29, 2010 | Photos : Kyle Pereira
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With the new SZ, Yamaha has set their sights on two segments - the premium 125cc in terms of price and considering its displacement, obviously, the 150cc segment. They’ve promised the best of both worlds with the SZ and it sounds too good to be true. However, the impressive thing is, the SZ actually comes close to giving you the best of both worlds!


The SZ comes in solid block colours, while the SZ-X offers graphics as an extra, while also coming in other shades. The SZ is a full-size 150 with a sporty-ish stance and it needs the brighter colour options to fully highlight its sporty shape. Instrumentation is bare-basic and there isn’t even a tachometer or a front disc brake. However, fit and finish is up to Yamaha’s usual standards.
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  Posted by Francisco at 27th May,2011
Dear sir, the new SZ tyres are having major gripping problem on wet surface road. Ive slipped on a corner on a wet road and on straight road when i brake on wet surface. Im a mechanical engineer myself and other than this it is an awesum bike. If u wud like to do R&D on this problem you can test my bike. Regards
  Posted by Anand at 22nd January,2011
This looks like quite a confused offering from Yamaha....neither here neither there. If I had to buy a bike in the 150cc class I would like to have decent instrumentation (i.e. atleast Speedometer, tachometer, and fuelguage)and certainly a disc brake. I would rather shell out some more money and go for a proper premium commuter bike like the Suzuki GS150R.
  Posted by danish at 3rd January,2011
At kick start as an option, it vl be help to start when electrical are not working in near future ..I Have FZ self start has blasted twice in rainy season , seriously need a kick .
  Posted by padma at 3rd December,2010
i think its solid bike
  Posted by AVS at 17th November,2010
153 cc with 12 Bhp !! Even Stunner with 125cc has 11 Bhp with 67Kmpl. Yamaha Fz is much more better. We expect minimum 14 Bhp from a 150 cc segment
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