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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Yamaha RX100 & Bajaj Pulsar 150 - Different strokes
The finest college bikes in India go head to head
By : Joshua Crasto | Published : May 12, 2006 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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Yamaha RX 100 Prices & Reviews
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This RX100 is like few I’ve seen before – no expansion chamber, no MX mudguard and no trail of blue smoke that reduces visibility to the tip of your nose. Soft and crisp, the only note from the bike was that of the exhaust. The RX is so stock that it still runs the original tyres! And talking about stock RXs brings up visions of that unlikely but gorgeous cherry red colour that charmed the girls and attracted probably the biggest female fan following back in the day. Or was it the 2T stains on the Haras?

The Pulsar, on the other hand, is more familiar to my generation. We’ve seen it evolve and get more ‘Japanese’ by the day, yet retaining that unstickered musculature that has become its hallmark. The electric blue paint is just something else, and it is a real pity there aren’t too many around in this brilliant colour. The Pulsar, like the RX100, is the chick magnet of its time. It draws women like an electromagnet powered by a 2000 watt power plant. I should know, I rode one to college.

When I finally get on board the Yamaha, I begin to realise just how special the RX must have felt. The Yammie is as smooth as a baby’s buttocks – and don’t be fooled by her diminutive looks because she means business. She’s missing the coolness of modern bits, but that doesn’t detract anything at all. A go at the throttle and the revs rise instantly. When the powerband arrives, you can feel the spike in power and the 11 bhp mind-altering rush that comes with it. The RX’s famously skinny rubber and agile cornering can add a scary/thrilling feel to it. Riding it feels like taking your college crush on her first date again, if you know what I mean. It’s an experience that somehow made me want to be 20 years older than I am, and then travel back in time with it, so I could go to college again. The RX100 is a fundamental motorcycle with a cult status in India that makes the Beatles look overrated. Now, it’s sad that the cult of the RX foundered in the model updates until the last ones were mere shadows of the original, both in reputation and in their following.
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  Posted by Ravi Kumar Maddala at 23rd November,2011
I need Spare parts for yamaha RX 135
  Posted by arun at 13th November,2011
i need YAMAHA RX100
  Posted by ZICO at 19th August,2011
HI frndzzzz,,,,,,,I m also a big fan f RX100. nd I believe that it is the real tiger of the road still now. bcz this 98cc bike have the power, that it can make a man tensed who have 150cc bike.... MR. pegu....
  Posted by GLADY at 12th July,2011
Hai guyzzz I am also having an RX135 my friends call me YAMAHA GLADY
  Posted by Pegu at 25th May,2011
I have a Pulsar 150 from 2002 in mint condition with the only thing custom being the paint but it looks straight out of the showroom- even after 1000s of miles on the Himalayas, broken countryside roads or through the potholes of Delhi. And I intend to keep it that way for as long as I have bones that can take care of it.The Rx never gave me that special feeling or confidence to have fun and enjoy riding to become my only form of meditation. Its been my best mate and stood by me in the toughest situations. It has that absolute rawness in it which comes packaged in a refined, well sculpted exterior which I think defines my personality too. Plus, being friendly on the planet does help my conscience! Sorry 2T junkies, it is the Pulsar for me.
  Posted by pegu at 25th May,2011
Oh also, for the record, when i was a bit more immature I have outdragged the RXes & CBZs & Fieros etc but speed is not all that makes a bike. Mr Harshvardhan & anyone who thinks the same needs some education.
  Posted by IRSAD MANSURUI at 10th January,2011
  Posted by harshvardhan at 16th November,2010
My beauty rx100 will win and pulsar will miles away behind trying 2 look at rx100 but she will not do so cuz rx100 go much ahead than that shit!!
  Posted by raja at 26th September,2010
its a amazing one to drive
  Posted by rahul at 23rd September,2010
I have an RX 100 and I m very lucky
  Posted by anas at 3rd April,2010
amazing comparison
  Posted by Mohana at 4th February,2010
Last 2 lines of the article is punching!! Hats off to Yamaha Family! I do own a 2001Model RX135 5Speed:)
  Posted by Vijeth C M at 20th January,2010
You bet! I live by my RX (RXG not 100). I've tried other four strokes of similar size & Pulsar (I'm too slightly built for the R15 etc. etc.) but nothing gets me kicking like this one! No vibrations from the engine, hits 60Kmph in about 6 to 7 seconds, easy to ride through traffic, and comfortable over long rides too. What else can I ask for? oh yeah! I forgot to mention. I get about 45 kmpl in city. Good no?
  Posted by Gavin at 9th January,2010
Hi Guys I was idly trawling the internet looking for rxs info and came across your site. It appears that you are in India and it seems that the rxs was very popular over there. It was never a well loved bike in England as we could ride 125s at 17 and the rxs was always more of a commuter bike. However I have had a couple of these over the years. i originally bought one in 1989, an 86' model I think, so my wife could learn to ride. I now have a different wife and bought a 1994 model(the bike not the wife)in 2002 for her to learn to ride. She rode it once and then decided to do the test and now rides a bandit 600. I sold the bike to a brother in law who left it sitting in his garage. I have just bought it back from him and I'm considereding restoring it to it's former glory. I use it for commuting to work at the moment although I do have several other bikes. There is quite an interest here in older bikes but no-one except me seems interested in the rxs. I found your site quite interesti
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