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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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Yamaha launches new SZ, SZ-X and YBR125 motorcycles
153cc SZ and SZ-X start from Rs. 49k and Rs.52k respectively, ex-Delhi
By : BSM Desk | Published : August 06, 2010
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Yamaha Motor has launched three new bikes for the Indian market. The first is a 125cc motorcycle called the YBR125 and the other two are the Yamaha SZ and the SZ-X.  The SZ and the SZ-X will be powered by an all-new 153cc single cylinder, air-cooled engine while the YBR125 gets 123cc four-stroke engine mated to a four-speed gearbox.

The crisp and clean lines of the SX series are quite likable, especially in the all-black paint scheme. SZ will be available in two colors – Black and Red while SZ-X will be available in three colors - Black, Red and Grey Metallic. YBR 125 will be available in three colors - Red, Black and Black-Red colors.

Booking of the bikes will start immediately.

While the YBR 125 will be available at an Ex-showroom price (Delhi) of Rs. 47,000, SZ and SZ-X will be available at an Ex-showroom price (Delhi) of Rs. 49,000 and Rs. 52,000, respectively.

Look out for a road test of these motorcycles in BSM soon. Click on 'More Photos to view more photos of the motorcycles'

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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by chetan sharma at 10th January,2012
its wonderful bike so beautiful
  Posted by guru at 11th December,2011
i like that yamaha good looking and good racing . . . . . .
  Posted by Deepak shrivastav at 1st September,2011
I want advise for yamaha sz x I buy or not?? Pls give me real advise I m middel class man
  Posted by milind chaudhari at 30th March,2011
i like szx but i want disc brake this model
  Posted by Sachin Pagade, Pune at 22nd March,2011
I want to know more about new Yamaha szx........Thanks
  Posted by raghbendra tomar sheopur at 11th January,2011
I want to buy szx bike but i do not know what is accurate millage of this bike so plz tell me about.
  Posted by dyutikrushna rout at 18th November,2010
new yamaha sz
  Posted by bhushu at 29th October,2010
i lyk dis byk... i'll get it on dis DHANTERAS!!!
  Posted by saravanan at 21st October,2010
I want to by yamaha sz-x. any one can tell me the performance of the bike as well as maintenance, milage.
  Posted by prashant singh at 18th October,2010
i was in confusion which bike to purchase,soon i came through szx,i purchased it on 8oct,but know i think it was a bad choice,just bcoz it gives me only 30 km/ plz think b4 u purchase.
  Posted by salman at 15th October,2010
yamaha launch sz-x. detail about petrol consumption
  Posted by Rohit at 13th October,2010
Hey Guys Can anybody tell overall review of Yamaha SZX153,and should i go for this or go for another one? Also how is its Engine Performance?
  Posted by jeevan at 12th October,2010
hiii..all of u I have purchased sz-x and its really nice in performance in look in comfort..
  Posted by jeeevan at 12th October,2010
its initially giving 60/ltr of milege quit good..
  Posted by pankaj at 12th October,2010
i like this
  Posted by pankaj at 12th October,2010
i like this bike
  Posted by rahul at 6th October,2010
wats the milage of sz and szx and wat are the service provided by yamaha on purchase
  Posted by ganesh pagare at 30th September,2010
i have purchased yamaha sz x bike. it has excellent performance & maintanance. can u tell me it is nice bike for mileage or not. but yamahas engine quality is best according to me.
  Posted by atul at 30th September,2010
nice but what is average of sz-x
  Posted by rocky at 29th September,2010
if u have daily 200rs as pocket money then go for fazer,if not then if u want stylish and average go for apache or doscover
  Posted by sabore cherian at 29th September,2010
i love you sz
  Posted by sabore cherian at 29th September,2010
I Love You SZ
  Posted by riyaz at 16th September,2010
fazer is not good vehicle
  Posted by ali at 15th September,2010
better opetion for before puchase on pulsar150cc & unicoren
  Posted by mukul at 9th September,2010
any one ,will u tell me why yamaha have low reselling value.
  Posted by sumanreddy at 8th September,2010
nice bike
  Posted by eknath at 28th August,2010
hello I want to by yamaha ss125. can any one tell me the performance, maintenance, quality of the bike.
  Posted by eknath at 28th August,2010
I want to by yamaha ss125. any one can tell me the performance of the bike as well as maintenance, milage.
  Posted by Avinash at 24th August,2010
Give some good milage.
  Posted by Sidd at 23rd August,2010
I want to know more about new Yamaha szx........Thanks
  Posted by abhi001 at 14th August,2010
hey yamaha product is also good quality of bikes launch in india the new fzs is so nice cool trendy bike so u go with only this product not another
  Posted by gabi at 12th August,2010
it looks more like a four stroke engine like t ybr beforer and very authentic of it but not of t top gun racers like fazer , fz, fz,s
  Posted by mathew at 12th August,2010
I think SZ-X has good syling and engine is also smooth same as FZ...i own LML bike, 10 yrs old...tho i am still in love with has great stability...and lugging capability. I am planning to exchange it with Yamaha SZ and LML doesnot have any showroom and service center in Kerala....want sincere advise.. which bike to buy in 150 segement...i have also Dazaler in mind...but its too costly....
  Posted by Reddy at 12th August,2010
Thanks a lot Mr ravindersimgh for such a valuble information, really i dont know about their service centers, now i changed my mind set and igonna buy CBZ, guys you also pls dont prefer this type of rude company products,
  Posted by subhash k. at 11th August,2010
red bike is verry beautiful
  Posted by phani at 8th August,2010
its cooollllllll
  Posted by ravindersingh at 7th August,2010
remember this company has the policy to only sell the bikes and then back off, no customer service, no spare parts, so beware of buying any yamaha product in india. they treat indians as second rung customers. plus remember as soon as you register a yamaha bike you lose up to 50% in depreciation. very bad resale value for the same reason. so my opinion is thumbs down and boo boo to any yamaha product.
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