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  Monday, Nov 30, 2015
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Yamaha FZ 16 vs Bajaj Pulsar 150 - Show offs
By : BSM Desk | Published : June 06, 2009 | Photos : BSM
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The Pulsar 150 was the 150 cc king and it still sells well thanks to the brand that it has become. It is a good motorcycle, but it's rivals have caught up and surpassed it in terms of overall performance. It has been around for a long time now and looks like the rest of the Pulsar family, so you are unlikely to get second looks wherever you go. It comes with a digital speedo which incorporates the fuel gauge, trip and odometer functions. Also available are backlit switches and an LED tail light which the FZ does without. The FZ is miles ahead of the Pulsar when it comes to dynamic behaviour. Both ride and handling are superior to the Pulsar's thanks to the beefy cycle parts and stiff chassis. The Pulsar rides well, but high speed handling is not a patch on that of the FZ. At city speeds though, you will have nothing to complain about; the Pulsar steers quickly and precisely into gaps. If you want a value for money commuter, the Pulsar still makes sense. If you want the better bike, go for the FZ.

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  Posted by mankatha sajeen at 18th November,2011
pulsar the youngsters heart beat..
  Posted by kamlesh at 31st October,2011
pulsar is heart of road......! & it is also KING....
  Posted by vicky at 16th June,2011
i want to buy abike guys sugest me between pulsar.150 /fzs yamaha /dazler honda iam waiting
  Posted by SYED at 25th April,2011
Pulsar is a desi bike. It is the lord of indian roads. Guys who wants to purchase bike i suggest that you should buy pulsar. Bcoz i have both pulsar and FZ but my pulsar is the best byke. I love PULSAR
  Posted by Rohit at 27th January,2011
yamaha is the king of bike in speed,milage (etc). pulsar is also good but not good then yamaha. I love yamaha!!!!!! and it is the best bike in the world.......,,,,,,
  Posted by Abhi at 14th December,2010
Pulsar king of the street
  Posted by Robbie at 13th September,2010
hi frds i am 6.5 height.wat bike will be suitable for me.
  Posted by 123 at 7th January,2011
  i think u should use public transport u monster.
  Posted by neel at 8th September,2010
hey cool bikers u know pulsar is too good in comparison of fz i have both but pulsar is best
  Posted by jaya at 27th August,2010
which is best anong PULSAR150 & FZ
  Posted by shiva at 14th July,2010
fz is the best
  Posted by Guneet at 12th July,2010
hey all m guneet from new delhi.. iv been riding fz16 from 16th june 2009 till now.. & i must say.. yamaha jus rocked man.. i beat pulsar 150 2008 model,new pulsar 180 2009 on a straight road of around 1 km.. i even covered up karizma’s single rider vs ma fz with a pillion rider one day… the maximum speed id reached was around 117-118 kmph which is sufficient for a 150cc bike guy.. i dun really care abt the average as i always keep on revving up ma baby but if i ride it very softly on an economic speed then it gives me around 42kmpl & if i ride as i always do like mostly around 70-80kmph & abuv.. it gived me average around 36kmpl…. even ma friends who have pulsars loves to ride ma bike. & they themselves admit dat yamaha really knw how to make bikes..:P.. & if u shift the gear in a proper rpm ratio like i do.. then ull definitely get a grunt out of that beautiful low-end torgue engine.. & cruising on this bike in a raining season is jus very pleasureful without much caring abt sl
  Posted by Jeeban at 7th July,2010
fz 16 is good bike in cities... yamaha rokz....... go for the lord of the street..... yamaha rulz in streets....
  Posted by Lerish at 27th June,2010
i wanna buy a bike . . suggest between fz-s,unicorn dazzler,pulsar150,apache ! good looks,ride comfort n reasonable mileage of 40+ are my priorities... waitin fa ur reply :) give me two choices as ma parents r almost anti-pulsar ! also temme if fz-s can have a lifetime of say 6-7 yrs... pls email me at
  Posted by Shubhadeep at 13th May,2010
I took a ride in Yamaha FZ good pick-up but bad ergonomics.. Sitting position @ bac seat sucks. Its pinful . Poor user Experience . Can si on bike more than 10 minutes. ur Ass will start paining, trust me. Poor suspension . When applied break person sitting back cant resist the momentum as the leg rest position could have been more at better position. Good bike if u r riding alone. Else ur GF will run away & sit on others Pulsar seat :D
  Posted by jane at 17th February,2010
Nice ride
  Posted by mahendra karpe at 10th February,2010
feel like freedom on pulsur
  Posted by Lalit at 1st February,2010
best bike
  Posted by ravi at 24th January,2010
good one
  Posted by navaneedhan at 22nd January,2010
pulsar is the best... good performance and milage.. good resale value..
  Posted by Vaira Raghavan at 20th January,2010
In what speed we can acheive the good mileage of pulsar 150cc
  Posted by vivek satheesh at 31st December,2009
Pulsar is good BUT IT CAN't REACH UPTO ROYAL ENFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROyal is ROYAL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  Posted by yila at 2nd December,2009
Considering the price band, FZ16 should be compared with Pulsar 220 DTSI and not with much cheaper 150.
  Posted by rajesh kumar sharma at 10th November,2009
which is the best bike for a student in yamaha FZ & pulsar150
  Posted by mayank.dubey at 27th September,2009
old is gold but new is plateniam i dont have fz i m in search of it and this article boost me up thanks
  Posted by steve at 25th September,2009
oh man
  Posted by HARISHBELKI at 24th September,2009
  Posted by vignesh at 23rd September,2009
this is more usefull
  Posted by sushanth at 15th September,2009
pulsar rocks
  Posted by javed at 26th August,2009
Whats the conclusion? Things arent clear this way!
  Posted by naveen at 22nd August,2009
this is not as good a data to go for any one of them as such
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