Which Car? - December Edition 1


Scorp news

I want to buy an SUV. Please advise me which is the better buy between the Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari. I’d also like to know about the Mahindra W201. When will it be launched and what is its price likely to be?

Mitul Soni, via email

Between the two, we would suggest that you buy the Mahindra Scorpio. It is better built than the Safari and also handles better. It also has the edge in terms of engine refinement, power delivery and fuel efficiency. The W201 should be out by the middle of next year, and we expect it to be priced at Rs 14-15 lakh.

Safire away

I am planning to buy a spacious, comfortable and reliable hatchback, with a relatively low maintenance cost. My budget is Rs 5 lakh. The Tata Indica Vista Safire Aura ABS appears to match my requirements. It is said that this car feels peppy in the first three gears, but mid and high-end performance is poor. I have also come across a few reviews about this car saying it is underpowered and that with a full load, its performance is poor.

Gopala Krishna Kumar, via email

The Indica Vista Safire does indeed match your budget and requirements. It’s a spacious, comfortable car and has good ride quality too. Its engine has been tuned for fuel efficiency and city driving, so if you need more power, or drive on the highways as well, you should consider the Indica Vista 90. In either case, you should be pleased with the car.

Ritzy stuff

I am planning to buy a car by the middle of this month. My budget is Rs 5.5 lakh. Kindly suggest the best petrol car within this range. I won’t use it much, about 900 km per month or even less. I also expect good after-sales service and good mileage.

Rajan Devnath, via email

We feel you needn’t look beyond the Maruti Suzuki Ritz. It has a superb 1.2-litre engine that is both peppy and frugal, and it makes it a fun car to drive as well. The Ritz is easy to get in and out of, is reasonably spacious and has a good combination of decent ride quality and agile handling. With Maruti’s extensive service network, you will have peace of mind as well.

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