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Volvo aims to increase market share with new pricing


Volvo has a great set of products for sale in our country, but we rarely see them on the roads. To help counter this and increase their market share in the country, they've brought in the S60, XC60 and S80 models with a slightly lower spec trim level called the D3. The Kinetic trim level of the D3s come in at Rs 23.2, 31.2 and 33.2 lakh, ex-shorwoom delhi for the S60, XC60 and S80 models respectively. While the Summum trim comes in at Rs 25.9, 33.9 and 35.9 for the S60, XC60 and S80 models.

The main change in the specsheets is that they now come with the 2.0-liter version of the five-cylinder engine which now makes 163 bhp of peak power and 40.8 kgm of peak torque.

The lower spec models certainly don't skimp on any features either. They all come with the latest in safety technology as is expected of Volvo. And by the sound of it, the engine isn't just a rehash of the D5 with lower displacement either, it's been designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while being decently powerful at the same time. We sure hope Volvo does better in our country.