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  Friday, Nov 27, 2015
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Volkswagen Polo vs Ford Figo
So which of these new small hatches is the best?
By : BSM | Published : March 25, 2010
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Our phones have been ringing off the hook. We've even done a comparison story in our April 2010 issue with the Fiat Punto, but we still had to answer this one. Is the pricier but newer Polo better than Ford's re-hashed but cheaper last generation Fiesta for India?

The Polo is the fresher car here, no doubt about that. Penned by a design team headed by design legend Walter Da Silva, its Audi-esque bumper and smart head lamps sway your attention in its direction. The Figo on the other hand looks a bit traditional and it's only its bright colours like the lime-green number you see here that gives it a feeling of youth.

On the inside, it's the Polo that trumps the Figo for space. The seats are nicely bolstered and comfortable, while at the rear there is marginally more legroom and headroom in the Vee Dub. The Figo's lack of power windows at the rear and the fact that they roll down only 60 per cent make the rear feel a bit claustrophobic. The small Ford's build quality is quite good for the price, borrowing pretty much the entire dashboard and switchgear from the Fiesta with changes to its silver shroud on the centre console and the addition of a music system with blue tooth. The red treatment to the dash is optional, though not to everyone's liking. The Polo on the other hand feels slightly better built but spec to spec lacks critical features such as vanity mirrors and audio controls for the steering even on the Highline. It's boot too is smaller than the Figo's.

On the move, it is the Polo that feels quicker off the line thanks to its better gearing lower down and slightly better power and it does so even on the spec sheets, though by a very small margin. The Figo's 1.2-litre petrol engine feels a tad underpowered and not staying in the right gear can be a fairly unrewarding experience. It's only with the 1.4 Duratorq diesel that the Figo's potency truly comes to light. The chassis balance and steering feel are the best here with the Polo's steering more electric in its response in comparison. Both cars dismiss bad roads with the kind of aplomb reserved for well-built C segment cars and feel built to last a lifetime.

In the end, it all boils down to whether you are willing to spend up to Rs 1 lakh extra on the Polo over the Figo. If you want a car that is contemporary, that is pretty much the same as the Europeans get currently and has a very good package overall then the Polo is what you should be looking at. It comes across as a breath of fresh air, something we only experienced with the Suzuki Swift some five years ago. If you are still after value, don't mind the fact that the car you are driving is based on a six-year old platform (yet very capable) and like your cars to be traditional then go for the Figo.

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  Posted by Sukhpreet at 24th March,2012
Figo is better than polo
  Posted by karan grewal at 26th February,2012
figo is the best................................
  Posted by Rakesh pattanaik at 12th February,2012
Polo is better than figo
  Posted by Rajnikanth at 12th February,2012
Can't compare Polo with Figo both are different, it depends on passion .....Polo is known for its quality built and offcourse it comes with pride and money....Figo is economical and have features accordingly.....
  Posted by rahul at 4th February,2012
Polo is obviously better. its a bit low on rear space, but otherwise its way better than figo.i took a test drive on both polo and figo. figo is powerful but polo is more smooth, steady and lesser engine noise and driving exp is superb. figo is a bit shaky. go for polo if you got the extra cash.
  Posted by Dr kaushik at 24th January,2012
I have a figo and i am fully satisfied with the performance.
  Posted by Sam at 17th January,2012
I love Figo, I bought it in Sep 2011 and it is a great car to drive. If you compare it to Polo, Figo is more spacious and comfortable. No Doubt Polo has good looks and great Interiors but you are paying almost one lakh more for the same.
  Posted by anubhav at 8th January,2012
i wrd 4 figo "awsm" its damn bttr dan polo !!
  Posted by SMR at 17th December,2011
Polo lacks in space compared to figo. Figo is the best.My bro sat in passenger seat in front and his knee hit the dashboard.Figo didn't have this issue.
  Posted by Bhavik Raval at 14th December,2011
Using Ford Figo diesel from last 8 months, really happy with the performance and getting a mileage 0f 21+kmpl on highway.Polo(D) comes with 3 cylinder 1.2 litre engine and Figo(D) comes with 4 cylinder 1.4 litre engine.So for a better driveability and long lasting performance its better to purchase a FORD's carand even service charges for Volkswagen are 3 times more than Ford.So its ur choice ur money.
  Posted by taran at 10th December,2011
polo is the great car........not figo
  Posted by kalariya krunal at 9th December,2011
  Posted by rajesh at 5th November,2011
first of all keep in mind that if something expensive then it is not certain that it is good. what i think at this price(4.75 lak)figo is a great car there is no comprasion between this and other car in this class.but everyone have his own view.i will recommend for figo bcoz it gives luxurious feel, great space,mialage 15 in city,great interior and features,impressive exterior look, powerful AC,once you bought this u feel proud on urself that u have choosen a best car
  Posted by abhishek at 2nd November,2011
figo is best car for every valueable person
  Posted by Deepak Shankaran at 7th September,2011
This is bullshit! There's no way that anybody who has sat in the rear seat of both cars can say that the Polo trumps Figo in that respect. The single biggest reason I went for Figo over the Polo was due to the ridiculously small rear space in the Polo.
  Posted by s.v.paramesh at 22nd August,2011
i see the all cars mean swift,ritz,polo ,beat all diesel varients but interier wies price wise features wise best car ford figo i booked figo zxi ,music system v v good/bluetooth also good
  Posted by Ishan at 18th August,2011
Hi,I am driving a polo diesel from last one month and it is a excellent it"s musicsystem,headlights system,comfortabilty and other interiors are all awesome. If u really want to buy a car go fr polo.It's handling, breaking is also excellent and has a high speed of 170 km/hr more than figo and i also toke the test drive of figo believe it is like a dump car it has nthing to compete with polo .the figo has to serviced aftr 3mths but their is no service of polo till 1year. I truly recomend u to buy apolo instead of figo.figo is a car fr old citizen's it is the ugliest and dump car i have ever seen .Belive on me and buy polo it is a awasome car and it is the car of year in germany and india, so go fr polo....
  Posted by Srinivas Kaki at 20th April,2011
Hi Friends, I am about to finalize between FIGO diesel or SWIFT vdi .....I am I will drive about 600-700 km a month...pls suggest..
  Posted by Presoon John at 12th April,2011
Took a Test drive on Figo and Polo on the same day. About Polo Drove 6kms. It has good stability and the power steering is awesome. However, the pickup is poor compared to Figo.. when their specs are compared, it is Polo showing up a bit higher Torque and power but in real I felt Polo is not up to the mark. Good: Interior looks, Seats, Steering feel, Overall look Bad : Boot space, Engine Start/Stop vibration, Pickup(compared to pricing), Suspensions are a bit stiff(no floating feel). About Figo, They brought an old test drive vehicle which has run 37 thousand km till now.. So at start, I asked the rep about loosing their deal for they have brought this old vehicle. Anyway stated the drive.. The pickup was far better that the Polo (keep in mind this Figo has completed 37K kms compared to Polo which was only reaching 5K). The driving experience was fine. I agree that the steer is good with Polo but cannot say its average for Figo.. The interiors are fine (Polo has better look and
  Posted by gourav khandelwal at 26th March,2011
Dear All, i am agree with the ford after sales services are worst. However, figo is best car and it is the value for money car. It sucked the market of Swift , with 90:10 ratio......
  Posted by Saran Thevar at 17th March,2011
Ford Figo is Excellent Car never see before.
  Posted by Binga at 11th March,2011
Figo is good only for senior citizens as everthing about it is a generation older, be it engine, plateform, looks or interiors.
  Posted by kuldeep at 6th March,2011
ford figo is the best car of the year of 2011 also
  Posted by sanjay upreti at 9th February,2011
After considering and test driving many cars i have booked Ford figo ZXI diesel.
  Posted by shubham dixit at 4th February,2011
m drivin figo diseal 4m last 3 mnths n dats wat i call a CAR......It has no comparision wid ne othr car in its segment..... Gives a true feelin of a luxary car....awsum power... 100 grt xperince.
  Posted by RAP. Pillai at 16th January,2011
Figo diesel is the best in this segment.I am driving one for the last 8 months. This is my 4th car (after Wagon R, Fiat Palio, Chevy Spark).VW is asking more for their German tag ; in terms of space and features Vs price point it doesn't come even closer to Figo. I had bad service experiences even with Maruthi.All Indian dealers and manufacturers have to improve a lot on this
  Posted by shaikh anwar at 11th January,2011
sir inm used already swift vdi pl advice which car is batter than swift vdi. ford figo,polo,punto,ya i20 in diesel.
  Posted by sameer rai at 10th January,2011
dear all i m going to purchase my own car. m confused that which car to be bought???????????? from swift vdi diesel, i20 petrol, i10 petrol and ford figo. should i go for figo????????????
  Posted by vikas Neol at 8th January,2011
ford figo is the best . Ì like it.
  Posted by Raghav at 27th December,2010
Ford's After - Sales Service is pathetic
  Posted by Iyer at 15th December,2010
Polo trumping Figo on interior space- feels ridiculous.Someone correctly said Polo is a 2 seater with the back seat only for kids. Further, the maintenance costs that one would incur on a polo would cause a heartburn. Truly, its just a hype stating a waiting period of 2-3 months, keeping the customers money and then manufacturing. I didnt find the TD of Polo to be exciting as many may have stated - but its my personal view. Figo is tryly VFM - only if the ground clearance was better.
  Posted by vineet sahay at 13th December,2010
figo engine is safe during collision as it has hydraulic support which pushes it downwards during collision.figo gives better at this price go for figo.
  Posted by alpeshchaudhary at 11th December,2010
i own my figo car ..........really bmw
  Posted by santhosh at 6th December,2010
  Posted by soumik at 14th November,2010
we have ford figo our higest speed was 150at a highway before this car we have honda city but figo diesel is a very good car
  Posted by hkr at 14th November,2010
I dont think any of these cars can beat PUNTO, wherever and whatever is the area. FIAT is not paying these magazines for their adv hence is behind!!....
  Posted by MOHIT SAINI at 10th November,2010
ford figo will my first car in my life. when i get DIAMONDSHIP than i pur... audi.
  Posted by kkkk at 8th November,2010
Ford truly sucks. Age old design. Polo is World car of the year- go for the in thing.
  Posted by Manoj at 6th November,2010
This is the end and conclusion of this discussion.Polo looks like a box car and Ford Figo looks like a car!!!Figo is the best no question on that!!
  Posted by Sudharshan at 23rd October,2010
Figo is superb car!!!
  Posted by rohit jaswal at 20th October,2010
i have purchased ford figo zxi petrol i am very happy and excited with its performance . so i will advice just go for figo. it is better than punto , polo ,swift ,i 20 ,and fabia . i test drive all the cars and i like figo and i purchased . so figo is best car in mid segment !
  Posted by AVIJIT SAHA at 20th October,2010
figo is a value for money.i test drove i20,beat,i10,figo,but i found figo much more interesting.its well built,compact as well as has intelligent features as compared to other cars in its segment.i recently bought a figo,1.2 zxi petrol(white).i am satisfied with the performance,style everything.its awesomeeeeeeeeeee....and a real pleasure to drive.
  Posted by Mijil at 12th October,2010
How does Maruthi Dzire diesel, figo diesel and polo diesel perform? I believe dzire has more boot space than figo
  Posted by siddharaj at 1st October,2010
i have shortlisted Hundai i10 1.2,maruti swift,petrol & ford figo titanium . Pls. advice maintence cost,mileage,cost etc .which is better my driving is 60 km per week
  Posted by siddharaj at 1st October,2010
I have shortlisted Hundai i10 1.2,maruti vxi, petrol & ford figo titanium . Pls. advice maintence cost,mileage,cost etc .which is better my driving is 60km per week
  Posted by rahat kataria at 1st October,2010
polo is gud as comp... to figo.figo doesnt hav gud look but is value for money does not hav power windows in top end model so i would go for polo.
  Posted by subodh at 28th September,2010
I have shortlisted Hundai i10 1.2 petrol & ford figo exi. Pls. advice maintence cost,mileage,cost etc .which is better my driving is 40 km per week
  Posted by Mrs. Pratibha at 20th September,2010
We are so much confuse that which car is buy i.e. POLO OR FIGO. Please guide properly & details to us about it.
  Posted by Gene Hackman at 18th September,2010
I own a FIGO Diesel. Drove a Friendz FIGO Petrol. Petrol feels shitty. Diesel Feels Bullish. Depends on whether you need such power. If your a city driver bumper to bumper traffic. Buy the Petrol; less gear shifts. Less maintenance. If your a regular highway driver. Buy the Diesel !!! Polo is also a great car. Test drove it. If your a small family (kids less than 10 years) buy it. Less legroom in backseat. Its an in fashion car. Very Good Looking. Worth the extra lakh. Dont base ur decision on a silly bluetooth ...base it on the engine technology and suspension... and A/C...drivability. I havent even figured out how the blue tooth works. Guess have to wait till my kids figures out!! Another Important Thing: After sales. VW is better. Ford is now swamped with demand so they just dont care. Both Cars (VW and FIGO) are cost cut versions.So Complaining is pointless. Here is my Conclusion. If VW back seat was more spacious I would have bought it. If I was the only one
  Posted by ponnana at 17th September,2010
i own a figo exi 1.2 petrol........ i jus love da car.... its not underpowered as da comparison states..... never felt dat i was speedin in 160kmh nd windows raised.... end of da day figo is jus awesome cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by Dheeraj Sharma at 14th September,2010
I booked Polo trendline but found Figo (Diesel) is value for money car. Indian Polo is not the same as in Europe. I saw the door beadings (rubber) are removed by VW to cut cost. This gives a creaking noise while closing Polo doors and suspect water may enter into doors in flooded situations.I do not know what else they would have taken out from European Polo to match price. Still pricewise,the trendline (base model) is equal to Top end Figo (Titanium) which comes with Airbags, ABS, Blue tooth and many more. What I would get extra buying Polo spending 1 Lakh now is, bad after sales service, high maintenance cost and bogus feel of European car , as actually it is third world country model that German developed to make fool of Indians. Be careful till you completely understand the package. I may also cancel my bookins and buy Figo or coming up Swift Diesel. But still, Figo is very economicaql to maintain and you can see many Figos on road. Ford has tried to keep the price highly competit
  Posted by deepak at 13th September,2010
figo rocks india
  Posted by B Joshi at 26th August,2010
I own a Ford figo Exi Petrol model. Since my last two months driving experience I can say that Ford has really made a brilliant vehicle. Excellent driving comfort, powerful AC, spacious interiors, large boot space, excellent music system and affordable price make figo one of the best cars of its segment. On the other hand slightly underpowered engine and less fuel efficiency (I am getting 12-13 in city conditions with AC on) compared to Suzuki cars are a few negative points. Overall all its a value for money car from very reputed Ford brand.
  Posted by prajwal s at 24th August,2010
figo rocksssss!!!!!!!!!! nothin to beat it. brilliant driving experience and the handling which cant be compares to any!!! brilliant package....
  Posted by Shivam at 22nd August,2010
i think figo is best....i'll go for figo
  Posted by Akshit at 21st August,2010
figo is a much better car as it gains on the loser polo for bluetooth ,electrically adjusted mirror , boot ,steering feel etc
  Posted by NIKHIL at 17th August,2010
i think that ford figo is better than polo and punto as it has very good features in small price like mileage , speed of 220 km/hr very good because i like speed
  Posted by jithin at 15th August,2010
figo has more features.enough space powerful aircon and a well proved engine..all at a reasonable price
  Posted by svk at 3rd August,2010
fiat punto is better than both figo and polo be it design features or build punto has superb ride and handling that no car in its segment can try to match.........
  Posted by Kshitiz Kapoor at 1st August,2010
Figo is well built car has gud space gud interior got frm fiesta very comfortable n spacious n has gud boot space. Don;t feel like a small n cramped car above all running cost is too low, only lags in intial pickup in which Swift scores n due to longer wheelbase not gud for bumpy roads. Overall a gud car for city n highway.
  Posted by ravinder grewal at 29th July,2010
i drive figo for last 4months. it is well built and robust car. handling is superb. only downside is less then adequate fuel efficiency . also it bottoms out on rough roads due to low ground clearence and longer wheel base. Driving experienece on highways and in city is quite satisfying.
  Posted by Aditya at 26th July,2010
well i am reading this page after i booked my car.... i drove both Polp and Figo Diesel variant, I am staying in Noida... Polo is costing me 6.10L and Figo is costing me 5.9L. well wats all key difference are 1. Features offered by figo is better than polo as for me i think saftey is very imp. 2. While driving in Delhi no one things which platform car ur driving.... figo is proven in market(way of Fiesta) and polo is yet to be tested. 3. I couldnt find a dealer in Noida, i had 2 go all d way to delhi to see POLO... if VW can't have a showroom in Tier I city than wat can we expect abt Tier II & III city. 4. About driving i personally find polo has slightly upper hand than figo. Well 2 add i am already using Fiesta & it has been gr8. So i dont consider it as important fact while chosing b/w d 2. 5. Figo is not have steering adjustment and manual real window... but dude in polo at this rate there are alot of things which u dont get... 6. Figo is better than Polo (tradeline)... and i
  Posted by Syed Naser Hashmi at 25th July,2010
Ford figo is very comfortable
  Posted by jithinlal at 23rd July,2010
figo is better than polo&punto it is loaded with many features for small price.figo has highest wheelbase,bootspace,radial tyres,leg space,comfort,handling,no body roll,disel engine more powerful milage 20km,nice look,sports car.i purchased figo iam pround of being the owner of ford figo
  Posted by satinder singh at 19th July,2010
polo is solid
  Posted by Namish at 16th July,2010
Ford Figo is very famous car
  Posted by Birender Pandey at 6th July,2010
Fizo is smart & intelligent car. It is world best car
  Posted by Vijay at 2nd July,2010
Both Polo and Figo looks pale compared to the Swift though the Swift is 5 years into service. Hats off swift. With the third gen swift around the corner, I wonder what is going to happen to the Figo and Polo.
  Posted by Dr. IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN at 23rd June,2010
Quite informative. Please keep it up.
  Posted by Dr. Rustam Ali at 22nd June,2010
Polo Volkswagen Cant Compete with Suzuki,This Car is good for nothing,553000 Rs. Diesel Trendline Car,s Total Cost ,but only engine costing 547000 Rs.If any case engine damages,engine is not repareable,you have to replace whole engine and insuirance will not pay for that.Block ,and other parts are not available.i feel very sorry for buying this Car. Cell-09357939000
  Posted by ayush goyal at 18th June,2010
polo wins in every department wether its for space,look,engin,feature.figo is not a premium hatchback but polo is.polo is a better car .
  Posted by Anand.M.Bhelonde. at 16th June,2010
Excellent comparative profile. However i have a few questions. Is the Volkswagen Euro-4 compliant?Is its sporty ignition a contemporary & technologically in? Why so much disparities in all petrol variants? Is it a smart choice & will it give a contemporary feel say after 5 years?
  Posted by Zakir Hussain at 15th June,2010
It gr8 information, i think it better to go for ford figo than polo.
  Posted by Binu at 14th June,2010
What about quality where does the figo stands? nowhere. Figo is a crap. Dosto waqt k saath chalo polo is the winner in all aspects so go for it. Yaar jab paise kharchne hi hai toh yaar achi cheez lo
  Posted by harish at 11th June,2010
the ford figo is best of our world i think....
  Posted by Vinod at 8th June,2010
Can some one help me with the Average FiGo gives on a petrol varient, I had a testdrive of both Petrol and Dsel.
  Posted by jose at 7th July,2010
  an average milege around 14 kms in all conditions
  Posted by g.premanand at 28th May,2010
yes, i feeling is figo is better than polo in all aspects. so i preferred to go for figo.
  Posted by Murthy at 27th May,2010
please dont mislead people defnitely FORD FIGO wins when compared to polo and punto........the cost of fogo is also less compared to polo amd punto FORD FIGO ROCKZZZZZZZZZZ......
  Posted by SACHIN at 27th May,2010
I took test drive of both polo and figo polo is little bit better than figo in driving but lacks in space as compared to figo , second thing mileage is 22-24 of figo and polo its just 18-19 in dsl vrsn. so frns go for figo rather than polo. to get best performence in milg FORD FIGO IS BEST
  Posted by Anisc at 24th May,2010
Great article! The Figo is a dated old tech car based on a 10 year old platform vs Polo which is a modern German tech car with a fresh design. How can there even be a comparison? The Figo just doesn't compare? If today Ford was offering the new European Fiesta I would have not minded, however it seems that India is just a dumping ground for old tech / old design cars. I will never buy a Ford. And for all who think that the Figo is a cheap car and drives does the Maruti 800. The only difference is that it is old and extinct similar to what the Figo can expect to be in a few years time. Indian buyers are not uneducated. They appreciate good design and tech when they see it. Therefore passing off old platform based cars as new like the Figo will never work here.
  Posted by Amitabh Varma at 20th May,2010
The Ford, a very respectable name in the automobile segment worldwide, could never join the big league in India. The company launched one vehicle after the other, one scheme after the other, but had to ultimately be content with an unspectacular show. The main reason behind the lacklustre performance was Ford’s poor after sales support. You will find Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai service centres even at presumed low turnover locations, but Ford service centres are few and far between. Worse, while replacement parts for Maruti and Hyundai vehicles are readily available at reasonable price, the Ford experience is just the opposite. Just to cite an example, my Ford Figo, delivered on April 24 through Metro Ford, Palace Road, still runs incomplete with something as basic as mud flaps! These flaps were ordered with the car on April 4. The rear view mirror for the left side, ordered at Metro Ford, Palace Road, on May 9, is yet to be supplied. Funnily, the dealer took Rs.500 as advance for the
  Posted by tanay at 15th May,2010
should copetate between i20 and honda city!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by amitava mukherjee at 12th May,2010
my feeling is all reviews end to call the new one the best. maybe it hs something to do with the relation of the reviewers to the carmakers. vw is a very good company indeed but in india they are dumping poor technology and still are trying to pose as premium carmakers. the jetta has only recently been upgraded, but even with its previous generation engine it was over 4 to 6 lacs more expensive than a better specification jetta in the US. check out the vw site. dont get bowled ove by the word german tech.
  Posted by TSN at 12th May,2010
I see this report as biased. The polo doesn't have as much space as is made believed here. Also, I think the engines in both the cars should compare equally in being underpowered
  Posted by TSN at 12th May,2010
Also, the Polo is not the same as what the Europeans drive, pls don't mislead people here
  Posted by sagar at 31st May,2010
  @TSN: Dude I agree with you. I checked out the Polo at the exhibition at Palace Grounds and it is so cramped at the Back. After a thorough research in the market, I booked a FIGO and got it within 45 days. The FIGO is a really capable car, compact and feature loaded, ideal for city use with a brilliant mileage. GO for it Blindly! thats wat i wud suggest all my friends.
  Posted by Phani9 at 11th May,2010
Yes. Polo is gonna be the 2nd most sexiest Hatch in India after GrandPunto. Rest of the ugly ducklings continue to remain as ugly as they can.
  Posted by Menon at 5th May,2010
"On the inside, it's the Polo that trumps the Figo for space"- I don't see how, you see, I'm 6'5" and I DON'T fit in the Polo, but I fit reasonably well in the Figo. "The Figo's lack of power windows at the rear"- Umm, is it really that hard for a rear passenger (who is there only once in a few days or weeks for most) to pull his/her window down manually. Honestly, the lack of electric mirrors (Polo) is more of an annoyance than the windows as the presence of elec.mirrors prevents drifting through lanes while you adjust it(especially shorter folks). But, that said, the fact that the Figo's rear windows go down only 60% is rather annoying. "The Figo's 1.2-litre petrol engine feels a tad underpowered"- It may well be (but is the Polo’s really any better?). But really, the Polo’s engine feels harsh beyond 3500rpm, which makes me not so happy to push. Leaving me with more power to use in the Figo. And with the higher rev limit, I can hold a gear longer before I shift around a
  Posted by aman at 29th April,2010
which is nice car in polo ya figo
  Posted by BSM Forums at 27th April,2010
You can discuss cars, motorcycles, travel, automotive news, racing, customization, touring, Which Car buying decisions and much more on the BS Motoring forums. Interact with automotive enthusiasts, get feedback, voice your opinions and interact with the team.
  Posted by Ravi at 23rd April,2010
Man. Grande Punto will thulp all these polos and figos and I20s..its a fantastic other hatch in India can come close
  Posted by prashant_NSK at 21st April,2010
I'm surprised tht their is no comment on the wonderful A/C that FIGO has. It is simply superb and with the roomy interior you really feel at home. Thanks to the riding comfort especially at sharp turns w/o roll over feel. Steering very good. Music system - paisa vasool. With full A/c i drove 250 Kms at stretch and got 22KMPL. FIGO sound great value for money
  Posted by Udhaya at 16th May,2010
  How is the Initial pickup, and Milege.. People saying it giving only 18 on highways and 16 inside city driving. how is the boot space compare to polo.. did you try polo.. if so.. pls give additional comments. thanks for the sharing of your driving pleasure..
  Posted by Manoj at 19th April,2010
In my 10 years of career in Automobile industry, I have seen that Indian customers(majority) looks only at the fuel efficiency and the price of the car but they fail to see what is being attached with that price. The German Technology has its own class compared to the other countries.
  Posted by Sumit Singhal at 18th April,2010
All the cars within a segment are really similar with little differences here and there. None of these is a real beauty either; starting from santro/wagon R to swift/Fabia. The only beautiful cars in b-segment has been Palio (old and gone) and now I-20. Palio tried to utilize its beauty quotient by seling sub-standard products in India and failed. I-20 however is doing better by asking more money for its looks. Now since all the cars are more or less similar, then the real question is - Which car is better-off to live-with. Which car manufacturer is offering a trouble/defect free product in INDIA. Which car manufacturer is only dumping its obsolete products in INDIA. Which car manufacturer has a committment to INDIA. For which car manufacturer, INDIA is important in their global strategy. Why did the Peugot, Fiat and now Renault failed in India. Why did a korean company beats european company on Indian turf. These are the questions that shall be answered instead of
  Posted by agandhi at 15th April,2010
chuck the figo and the polo guys! Its time to set your eyes on the all new Vista drivetech4! Its amazing and with superior technology and a great performance. Check it out on this link. Trust me, I was bowled over. And my friend has decided to buy it also!
  Posted by harry at 2nd July,2010
  Are you working in TATA Motors??? :)
  Posted by Car Crazy at 8th April,2010
Figo is value for money. It has a shorter waiting period. On road price for the top end petrol variant is almost 1 LAKH CHEAPER than the Polo. VW also has very few service centers compared to Ford. The FIGO definitely wins !!!
  Posted by Prashanth at 5th April,2010
This Review seems to be biased towards the Polo.i dont deny that the POLO is a Good car but trust me i drove the Figo and its very driver friendly and has a Roomy feel to it than the Polo.
  Posted by drishti at 4th April,2010
after reading dese article,i will go wid figo
  Posted by jitesh at 3rd April,2010
i m going for figo becoz in less price it is providing all features
  Posted by varun at 2nd April,2010
will volkswagon wll able give its service in remote areas like maruti n hyundai
  Posted by huzaifa at 6th May,2010
  very tru!i agree to this!!but ppl stayin in cities wud prefer to buy polo!
  Posted by K Vinay at 31st March,2010
I have driven both the cars and find the Figo the better choice.As mentioned by Janardhanan neither car is latest and the reviewer is more influenced by the (Polo) designer`s name rather than facts. Front seats pushed back all the way there is more leg room in Figo. Also the wind shield of the Polo gives the driver a pinned down feeling.
  Posted by Mukesh Deora at 30th March,2010
i drive the both of but i fill satisfy from's drive is more comfortable than polo.And also it is on road under 6L
  Posted by Amar Reddy at 28th March,2010
Read that ford has made a lot of changes like Clutch to suit indian stop and go traffic, and the features what we get for a 6 L (On Road) Car that is for a diesel is too much with electrically adjustable ORVM's, ABS, EBD, Airbags, Blue tooth integrated Systems Etc. Gear box is too good, steering is lighter for Figo.And above all 4 cylinder engine, and iam sure they are going to give sleep less nights to Maruti and Tata for their hatches.
  Posted by Vish at 27th March,2010
I have just driven the diesel versions of both the figo and polo and this review doesn't seem to be fair to me. The polo is more contemporary than figo but that's about it. The Figo is better in all other aspects like driving pleasure, space, fuel efficiency etc.
  Posted by Patil at 27th March,2010
Have you forgotten to comment on the sound on polo and the 3 cylinder ...because the other cars in the markets are all 4 cylinders
  Posted by Janardhanan at 27th March,2010
I have checked and test driven both figo and polo high end petrol variants. I agree with the review that build quality is vary good for both cars, however polo stands a step higher. I feel that rear seat in figo is more comfortable than polo. Another issue with polo is its 3 cylinder engine which in physical size also appears to be small for the engine hood/cavity. May be vw is planning 1.6 cc engine in polo soon. As stated both cars have an issue with thier rear window panes, (it rolls down about 60% only) in polo electircally and in figo manually. Both cars lack automatic climate control ac even on high end variants.On road price of Rs. 6.7 and 5.2 in Mumbai for high end petrol variants there is a huge difference between figo and polo. However, as summed up by above review, polo is more contemporary with alloy wheels, remote window operation for a price, and figo is value for money with reasonably good package.
  Posted by Sam at 27th March,2010
  The flow of the Review is not that good.Both Figo & Polo are old European style.With Figo cheaper by more than 1 Lac Indian Rupee & having having the proven platform.Sure needs a look.Figo truely a Value for money car.....
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