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  Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015
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Volkswagen Polo to start from Rs. 4.34 lakh. VW Polo prices revealed
1200cc Petrol and 1200cc diesel on offer. Three trims - Trendline, Comfortline and Highline
By : BSM | Published : February 23, 2010
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Volkswagen AG India has launched their first small car for India, the Volkswagen Polo. The prices for the Polo are as follows:

1200cc Petrol (all prices in ex-showroom, Delhi)

Trendline: Rs 4.34 lakh

Comfortline: Rs 4.83 lakh

Highline: Rs 5.72 lakh

1200cc Diesel (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi)

Trendline: Rs 5.32 lakh

Comfortline: Rs 5.81 lakh

Highline: Rs 6.70 lakh

Volkswagen’s first foray into the volumes segment will come with two engines on offer. The 1200cc petrol will be on sale from March while the diesel 1200cc is expected to be available later in the year. The 1200c petrol is rated at 74 bhp @ 4500 rpm/11.2 kgm @ 3750 rpm while the diesel power/torque figures are - 74 bhp @ 4200 rpm/18.3 kgm @ 2000 rpm. Both are 3-cylinder engines with 5-speed manual transmissions.

Following are the features on the Polo:

Trendline – Front power windows, power steering AC, body colored bumpers, central locking standard, 14 inch steel wheels

Comfortline – Height adjustable driver seat, 60/40 split rear seat, all power windows, 14 inch steel wheels

Highline – ABS, dual airbags, keyless entry, 15 inch alloys, MP3 player, front fog lamps, rear defogger.

The Volkswagen Polo will be manufactured at their Chakan plant. Polo also comes with 6-anti corrosion warranty. The colours on offer will be – ‘Candy white’ and ‘Flash red’ for the Trendline and ‘Pepper grey, Glacier blue, Silver, Deep black’ for the Comfortline and Highline.

Read Srinivas Krishnan’s review of the European Volkswagen Polo here:


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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by Susheel Khanna at 20th January,2012
i like polo for white color diesel,my sweet car.
  Posted by vishesh narula at 3rd September,2011
good looking car
  Posted by g.p. Yadav at 7th August,2011
very informative and very nice. I think this is how all reviews should be written, short and concise. I really loved it and no spelling mistakes.
  Posted by neha at 20th July,2011
awesome blossom tossom car!!!!!! :)
  Posted by Sarup Roy at 7th July,2011
Polo is a great car.i am from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.and there is no option for test ride and show room.i want to buy top end model of diesel version.kindly send me something about booking.
  Posted by Shekhar Ghosh at 3rd June,2011
Im buying this small Polo 1.2L Highline the day when it arrives at Bangalore showroom.
  Posted by pranav chaudhary at 3rd May,2011
yepi m gettin thiz car for college
  Posted by suresh at 9th April,2011
good car
  Posted by kunal at 7th April,2011
I like car
  Posted by Thoufeek at 27th March,2011
coooooooooooool car
  Posted by AMEEN ALUNKAL at 22nd March,2011
  Posted by piyush arora at 21st March,2011
i like to buy polo disel kindly let me know on road prices at delhi..
  Posted by Tharian Koshy at 23rd February,2011
How much is servicing & maintanace charges for polo.
  Posted by Om chabra at 21st February,2011
i like to buy polo diesel kindly let me know on road prices at jhansi
  Posted by m i patel at 12th February,2011
i wanna buy polo deisel kindly mail me prices of all polo deisel thane and mumbai price and delivery period
  Posted by Nisam at 12th February,2011
I'm going to book VW Polo 1.6 Highline!!
  Posted by vipin gupta at 5th February,2011
i can never buy polo bcoz i have no parking space,near by house .i have a scooter.
  Posted by Sandeep Jain at 11th January,2011
I like to buy Polo Petrol
  Posted by SUDHEESH.M at 20th December,2010
Ilike to buy polo diesel
  Posted by rahul at 20th December,2010
i am confused between vw polo deisel and swift deisel. planning to buy by the end of this year. advice.i wanna no high speed of vw polo...
  Posted by rahul sharma at 28th November,2010
i ma planning to buy volkswagen polo is there a keylees entry in comfortline
  Posted by prakash,thiruvarur,tamilnadu,india at 21st October,2010
i am planning to buy vw polo diesel by nov'10,give me a comparation between szusuki, and hundai cars, is this car currently booking time needed ? And what the book period to delivery, answer as soon as possible pl,
  Posted by naresh at 7th October,2010
which s the best of it.In this three class of polo . AND any diff in sstructure?
  Posted by Aditya at 5th October,2010
I live in Mangalore i want to buy polo but i don't no where is the showroom
  Posted by s p jaiswal at 1st October,2010
I would like to buy polo
  Posted by d.ashok kumar at 23rd September,2010
i am confused between vw polo deisel and swift deisel. planning to buy by the end of this year. i am living in give me new price and VM polo what is booking price how much time it will take after booking
  Posted by amarendu at 22nd September,2010
I want to buy Polo diesel give me test drive
  Posted by prashant at 18th September,2010
which car is best polo punto
  Posted by amitinder singh at 14th September,2010
iwana buy polo diesel
  Posted by S P Jaiswal at 7th September,2010
I like to buy polo diesel
  Posted by maninder bir singh at 25th August,2010
I want to know that is there any advance booking needed to buy polo. what is booking price how much time it will take after booking
  Posted by shiva shankar at 25th August,2010
this is very comfortable smart looking i m eagerto buy this 1
  Posted by jp singh at 23rd August,2010
i am confused between vw polo deisel and i20 deisel,planning to buy this month,please tell me the good price vw polo.i am living in jalandhar.
  Posted by vivek k sood at 19th August,2010
i am confused between vw polo deisel and swift deisel. planning to buy by the end of this year. advice
  Posted by shubham chawla..... at 10th August,2010
its 2 hot..........
  Posted by Thirugnanam K at 7th August,2010
my next car this
  Posted by sridharan.G at 28th July,2010
vw polo is a beautiful car, + are safety, comfort, brand image and prestige. _ are no steering controls, usb,bluetooth port,indicators in rearview mirrors, and 14 inch tyres in stepney in high line model.
  Posted by kingkazim at 17th July,2010
East or west, Polo is the best
  Posted by prashanth at 16th July,2010
i have a white suzuki swift petrol believe me from past 5yrs the only best hatchback unbeatable good mileage low maintainance, posh look car is one and only SWIFT the best in class and always remain the best car in future coming years perfect for indian roads competing suzuki swift its a dream i love simply swift
  Posted by SURESH at 15th July,2010
Its very nice car i love so much
  Posted by Dr.W.Khan at 15th July,2010
Like to know detail about average of polo diesel & also regarding launch,expected price & average of Polo diesel Sedan
  Posted by Mohamed Farook at 11th July,2010
when I can expect a diesel car in Kerala.
  Posted by krishna parikh at 10th July,2010
i siply love its look fantastic car but i cant drive i need auto transmission do u have
  Posted by Prof Dr Prakash Verekar at 10th July,2010
I have booked polo diesel highline on 12th april 2010 at Nasik dealer. can any one tell when i can get it.
  Posted by Dilip Panchal at 9th July,2010
i realy love polo petrol love love love love love u
  Posted by shriniwas kayande at 9th July,2010
please specify avarage in Diesel & petrol model
  Posted by sachin at 9th July,2010
This is the first car in India which I like.
  Posted by Mitesh Patel at 9th July,2010
I Love VW. I wait for POLO Diesel
  Posted by vijjay j bhagchandani at 9th July,2010
intrested in disel car kindly send the details & rates soon we are planing for new car with in 7 days regards vijay 9784440004
  Posted by Dr.R.Gandhi Subramanian at 9th July,2010
I'm an admirer of VW.I'll await the arrival of VW Polo Diesel. Dr.Gandhi Subramanian
  Posted by rameez at 5th July,2010
Now thats wat I call a Car
  Posted by sukhwinder singh at 29th June,2010
its a slow car... punto is the best.. iv bought a new punto petrol.. its roxxxxx
  Posted by harminder singh at 27th June,2010
no body is watching that what the other cars are offering in their lower models .......... actually they r using cheap material for their cars production.......... don't juss go for the looks,,,,,,,,,any ways its too cool 2 c also seek for low maintenance and after service sales the people who have commented against it's service sales is all falsee i have a polo 1.2 petrol highline and the company attended me very goodly and helped me alot... their service is the best and also see that it's a vw the german technology.........also there's no noise of thatcar heard inside it(with doors and windows closed) except it's fan's on the fan noise in every carr man... and again some people are seeking 2 buy fiat and that's all foolish . also consider that in lon run after 2 to 3 years, the acceleration and pick up of fiat cars decrease and we have to frequntly chane gears in the traffic where as it is not in the cas4e of polo........ juss have a calm mind, go to ur neare
  Posted by harminder singh at 27th June,2010
and again, polo is the best car suggested my most of the auto experts like 22 dhawan and auto experts of overdrive, i some one still have some question, visit youtube and see the video put by overdrive of the hatchbacks
  Posted by varun at 26th June,2010
I'm confused in i20 and polo
  Posted by Krishnan at 25th June,2010
volkswagen polo is very good looking and enchanting car and indians would love to buy that. but could be very expensive maintenance and worst after sales service. probably we can expect no aftersales and unending troubles. For the hatch back and midsize car segment which is majority in india, maruti is the best peoples car. no nightmares, plenty service centres and economical. volkswagen has to prove otherwise.
  Posted by Manoj at 25th June,2010
volkswagen website does not even give details of dealer locator/service networks in india (or link doesnt work). this negligence from such a big car company shows clearly that the volkswagen buyer is going to be scouped after buy.
  Posted by dc at 24th June,2010
swift is a good and a reliable car any day as compared to any hatchback models. The only problem with Volkwswagen would be its high servicing,,,can any one tell how much is its after sale cost??I have swift and its the best car,,so anyone making a decision between the two,, can go for swift without any doubt,,best engine,,good looks,,low maintenance. But i want to buy another hatch back,,can anyone suggest if polo is good or punto,, Also for people deciding between i10 n polo..i 10 is not as good, other than its new engine technology, its a failed car,,think twice before buying has a plastic body.. plz suggest if nissan micra wud be good?
  Posted by 369 at 23rd June,2010
For indian market this is the best car as per my thinking. i love to buy this precious car. i will buy end of the september or this diwali. BMW is my dreams car after BMA its vw polo. thank you
  Posted by sanjay dave 9829733382 at 18th June,2010
Car look is very attractive from exterior and interior market no doubt being a market leader and i am planning to Book Polo Highline in petrol. Would be thankful who can experience his long drive experience and spare parts cost
  Posted by padma, chennai at 16th June,2010
we saw this in the showroom. we were almost in the booking edge but when we asked for test drive they wanted to travel 30 kms to do that and after that no response. the brand may be good but totally afraid about the service can any one tell what is your real experiance on driving or dealing polo
  Posted by Shareyar Iqbal at 16th June,2010
It is great to learn that volks have maketed polo its small car series in india in 2010.
  Posted by Deepak at 14th June,2010
volkswagen polo
  Posted by Nimish Rivonkar at 13th June,2010
car looksssssssssssss hot in red
  Posted by Ankit sharma at 11th June,2010
i m confused between swift disel and polo disel.what is the cost of the paid services and after how nuch time the car needs services.what is the difference between the average of swift disel nd polo disel..........
  Posted by aju at 11th June,2010
best car in this segment.i love it
  Posted by Kirti at 9th June,2010
One thing which I would like all people to know about Volkswagen Company is that Volkswagen is the worst car company in whole of India in terms of sales and after sales service as I had booked a polo and my whole experience with Volkswagen is like a nightmare.To my surprise Volkswagen dealer never responds back to any customer complaint and even the parent company I send so many mails but no reply.The most surprising part is that if you people will open Volkswagen India website you cannot even find their email id where u can write to them and u have to find out from here and there the email id.i had booked a Polo at Moti nagar showroom in March 1st week and they told me delivery time in 2 months and today more then 3 months have passed but they are still not even able to tell me status.To know my experience all are free to call me at my number in New Delhi at 9899127872.--Kirti
  Posted by thasfeeque at 4th June,2010
I like this car but very long booking for dealers
  Posted by sachin jain at 1st June,2010
i want to buy this car very soon.but when i go for the test drive(polo)car dealers have no respose to their that's why i have to take my steps back.
  Posted by sanjay at 28th May,2010
in jaipur we want testdrive but there is no response from dealer
  Posted by Raki at 26th May,2010
Its got a very attractive look and proper fentastic Design...!
  Posted by vinu at 25th May,2010
Really fascinating beauty i love it soooooo much...
  Posted by Rakesh Suji at 21st May,2010
what is the on road price of polo trendline & what is the waiting period
  Posted by aayush at 20th May,2010
very nice car i like that style
  Posted by subbaraju m at 16th May,2010
i really happy interducing the volkswagen polo car
  Posted by S.WADKAR at 16th May,2010
Very good opportunity for us that we can buy volkswagen car in farely price range
  Posted by PRITHPAL SINGH at 12th May,2010
It's much better than other cars in its segment
  Posted by mulchandni at 12th May,2010
very bad car compare to ford figo
  Posted by baljeet at 12th May,2010
nice car ,i m going to take this.please open valkswagen showroom in jharkhand.
  Posted by karan at 12th May,2010
swift polo figo ritz wich one is more incredible plz do reply..
  Posted by abhishek at 11th May,2010
one of the best car
  Posted by Narendra Pipil at 9th May,2010
i m very much interested in booking. . . bus ab to dil aa gya is car per. . . .
  Posted by arun kumar pal at 8th May,2010
good car,i will b d 1st buyer of dis car.
  Posted by RAHUL JAIN at 8th May,2010
fabulous car ever seen, as we know volkswegan is the one of the popular car building company.... no car can competit dis car..
  Posted by ANKIT SHARMA at 7th May,2010
nice car
  Posted by teja at 6th May,2010
its too sexy car
  Posted by rahul at 6th May,2010
unoque design,having not much knowledge about product.
  Posted by Rahul Sharma at 6th May,2010
I wana buy polo, When its diesel engine will be launch in punjab, and tell me about its services cost and its spare parts cost.
  Posted by adil at 5th May,2010
nice car
  Posted by sumit pawar at 1st May,2010
very good
  Posted by rohit at 30th April,2010
i m confused between polo&swift
  Posted by ramesh.a at 29th April,2010
huge difference in prices!!!! treadline - comfortline (rs50,000) for Height adjustable driver seat, 60/40 split rear seat, all power windows this feature only... .. and mantainace is 2 expencive(service spares sales)
  Posted by aatam parkash at 26th April,2010
i m confused between swift and polo diesal........which one is better and why???????
  Posted by Bimal mehta at 11th April,2010
i was epected that all colour is available in all 3 categories. i m gimg to book polo on wednesday, now i want to think it again...
  Posted by MANPREET SINGH at 6th April,2010
i m confused in swift and polo
  Posted by Dr. S A SHAH at 5th April,2010
I was expecting the safty features in all models of vwpolo. All the models WILL BE DRIVEN BY HUMANBEINGS...!Disappointed due to this,Europeans want to make money in INDIA but NOT CARING for INDIANS..!I think, I'll continue to remain as a FIAT-FAN
  Posted by vijay at 29th March,2010
ritz is an Awesome car with so many features bundled together.when we think about the compact car with good mileage,in india we cant find lots of options to choose.I think ritz definitely makes available one more option to choose.Thanks to ritz.
  Posted by Nair at 29th March,2010
When a show room ay Mangalore will be opnd
  Posted by vinay at 21st March,2010
real class ahead and great quality,expensive but worthy after all its a VW.ahead of others
  Posted by ramakrishnan at 20th March,2010
The car with a "personality" among otherbeauties......
  Posted by R.Kaul at 18th March,2010
when will 1.6lts petol engine will be on sale?
  Posted by DR RAM. at 17th March,2010
  Posted by DR RAM. at 17th March,2010
  Posted by ankit bansal at 16th March,2010
please tell the performance of polo but Prize difference bahut hai.... confusion btw i10 n me out....
  Posted by sanket at 16th March,2010
what about the maintenance and spares of polo in future
  Posted by anil mehta at 16th March,2010
I saw the polo. There is no insulation in the engine chamber ( bonnet) and all the heat radiates to your feet if you driver without the a/c. Moreover the noise cancellation is poor with a lot of vibrations. What is so good about Polo? that too at such a high price. How come none of the reviewers noticed anything like this
  Posted by david at 15th March,2010
from which date are u staring the booking of volkswagen polo....?? and i'm confused between maruti swift and polo..???
  Posted by dinesh at 13th March,2010
i am really confused in ford figo n polo can u plz help me out....i wanna buy a car very soon
  Posted by samir kalaria at 12th March,2010
prices are low but......there is 3 cylinder engine.
  Posted by satyen at 11th March,2010
There is actually 2 varients as Featurecof Highline comes in BasicHuman Saftey requirement. In India it is still basic Human feature are sold as added price..In my opinion price should not go more than 5 lakh and only 2 varients with both having Euro 5 saftey feature Regards Satyen
  Posted by kishor at 10th March,2010
Thanks for complete info
  Posted by Paritosh at 10th March,2010
Prize difference bahut hai.... Due to this customer can also go for fiat punto....
  Posted by Sunil at 10th March,2010
but i dont find a auto transmission in the polo is it available or no please suggest..
  Posted by satyam dubey at 9th March,2010
base model should have Driver seat adjustment facility . High pricsing done. Thanx
  Posted by rajat at 8th March,2010
its look like a fiat palio ... the lights are so old fashion .. and the price is so high.. betr to buy i10 or chevy beat....
  Posted by raj at 26th February,2010
well thrs a confusion btw i10 n me out....
  Posted by arjun at 26th February,2010
huge difference in prices!!!! treadline - comfortline (rs50,000) for Height adjustable driver seat, 60/40 split rear seat, all power windows this feature only... .. and mantainace is 2 expencive(service spares sales)
  Posted by ARJUN at 26th February,2010
1.6 , 1.4 DURING MAY
  Posted by Madhusudhan Reddy at 26th February,2010
please tell the performance of polo.
  Posted by Ajith at 25th February,2010
there is a huge difference between Comfort line and High line..No security features in Comfort line...
  Posted by vikas thakur at 25th February,2010
I juz liked da car but prob is wid itz price which is high as compared to dah beat n other hatchbacks,dey even have given only front pwr windows in dah base model so lets see wat becomes.........i'll go 4 Chevy Beat
  Posted by pravs at 25th February,2010
Is VW planning on releasing polo with 1.4 and 1.6 ltr engines?
  Posted by rajat mathur at 24th February,2010
Im disappointed with Volkswagen that they have launched a new product in the volume segment and they are not offerring the latest technologies and options such as automatic transmission on the Polo, which their competitors Hyundai have done with the i10 and i20.
  Posted by Tejalinga at 23rd February,2010
Thanks for complete info
  Posted by sagar at 23rd February,2010
thanks for sharing.. i was waiting for it... when will the booking start?
  Posted by Ratnakar at 23rd February,2010
Nice one. detailed update. Thanks!!
  Posted by Tejalinga at 23rd February,2010
Thanks for complete info.
  Posted by RRC at 23rd February,2010
What about the spare parts charges & availability of VW's Polo compaing with the Maruti Suzuki
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