Volkswagen E-Bugster - Bug to differ



Everything is going electric, so why should the Bug be any different? Presenting the E-Bugster! Volkswagen’s new 2012 Beetle aka ‘New New’ Beetle, as we like it call it, has now been electrified. Don’t worry, they didn’t zap it with an electric swatter but instead, they gave it a 114 bhp electric drivetrain that has a claimed range of 160 kms.

Also, 80% charge is done in 30 minutes flat. Impressive. VW claims that this new electrified Bug does 0-100 kph in a laxed 10.9 seconds (average hatchback territory), clearly the focus in more on the range part than it is on performance. A regenerative braking system also helps extend the range and minimize losses.

All that is nice but if you notice, this E-Bugster with its chopped roof, flared wheel arches and 20-inch wheels looks way cooler than the standard version. We rather like it!