[VIDEO] Ferrari shatters Nürburgring record

The Ferrari 599XX is a hardcore, track-only Ferrari that pretty much demolishes everything else when it comes to lap times. The production 599-derived sports car, the 599XX, nailed a 6 min 58 sec time at the famous Nordschleife circuit. To give you an idea of how fast this run really is, consider this – A Ferrari Enzo did it in 7.25, Nissan GT-R will do it in 7.26 and back in 1975, Nikki Lauda did the same run in 6.58 in a proper Ferrari 312T to hit pole position at the German Grand Prix.     Ferrari has timed this record run to coincide with the forthcoming launch of the 599XX’s road going variant, the 599 GTO. The 599GTO is the fastest road going Ferrari ever and it’s quite special because only 599 will be made.     Have a look at the Ferrari video here –